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  • Parsons Paris places research at the center of the learning experience. As a student in our expanding group of programs, you work closely with faculty and your peers to develop interdisciplinary creative skills and rethink, redesign, and reimagine the world.

  • Internships

    Anthropo Design

    Anthropo Design


    This lab develops studio-based projects, workshops, and seminars in collaboration with industry partners, artists, and cultural institutions in support of diversity and inclusion. Lab activities foster the anthropological imagination and the cultural intelligence of fashion design students and faculty. Students also explore diverse narratives by investigating culture, identity, disability, sexual orientation, and gender.

    Contact: Leyla Neri, Director, Fashion Design Program


    Fashioning Theory

    Fashioning Theory


    The Fashioning Theory Lab investigates new and cutting-edge theoretical approaches to fashion and responds to the significant absence of theoretical investigations of fashion at French universities. The lab offers talks, research seminars, and publications in which international scholars discuss the state of theoretical and methodological debate in fashion studies, and present innovative uses of theory in fashion studies.

    The ideas of "translating theory" and "transatlantic connection" play an important role in the explanation of the migration of concepts within - and outside of - fashion studies. One area of focus is the interconnection between French theorists and their interpretation in the Anglo-Saxon landscape of fashion studies.

    Contact: Marco Pecorari, Director, MA Fashion Studies Program


    Fashion Archives, Politics and Heritage

    Fashion Archives, Politics & Heritage Lab


    The Fashion Archives, Politics and Heritage Lab explores the cultural scope of fashion archives (public and private), publications, exhibitions, and performances through the investigation, problematization, and re-animation of European and Parisian experiences. Its aim is to develop a series of research seminars, symposia, talks, publications, and exhibitions that rethink the mediation of fashion in the contemporary scene, and further explore the current state of practices such as fashion publishing and fashion exhibition as well as the cultural relevance of archives as spaces where fashion is produced, conserved, communicated, disseminated, performed, and institutionalized.

    Contact: Marco Pecorari, Director, MA Fashion Studies Program 


    Unmaking Fashion Media and Creative Industries

    Unmaking Fashion Media and Creative Industries

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    The Unmaking Fashion Media and Creative Industries Lab focuses on the exploration of printed and digital fashion media. The aim is to uncover and explore hidden networks, actors, and practices in the mediation of fashion, its histories, and its imaginaries. The lab includes and gathers academics, practitioners, curators, and critics who focus on the economic and cultural value of historical and contemporary print fashion publications, the relations between digital and printed media, creative labor in the fashion industry, collaboration between creative fields, publications as curatorial projects, institutional versus independent publishing practices, and the issue of representability and national discourse in fashion publishing. All of these topics are explored through conferences, publications, and projects in collaboration with brands, archives, foundations, and museums. A central event is Printing Fashion, a yearly international festival with talks, lectures, and exhibitions that is followed by the publication of a magazine.

    Dr. Marco Pecorari, Director, MA in Fashion Studies, pecorarm@newschool.edu
    Justin Morin, Faculty, MA Fashion Studies, morinj@newschool.edu
    Dr. Morna Laing, Assistant Professor, MA Fashion Studies, mlaing@newschool.edu
    Antoine Bucher, Faculty, MA Fashion Studies, buchera@newschool.edu
    Dr Giulia Mensitieri, Faculty, MA Fashion Studies, mensitig@newschool.edu

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