• Student Employment

    Welcome to the Student Employment Office in the Office of Human Resources at The New School. The purpose of the office is to provide New School students and hiring managers with information and guidance on student employment opportunities, workplace policies and practices, and all other human resources functions.

    Here you will find general information about student employment types, links to university job opportunity boards, and additional resources available to students.

    Student employment opportunities are available only to current registered matriculating students of The New School.

    Student Timesheets

    MyDay, our new cloud-based web HR system, is live.  MyDay improves the way The New School provides key human resources services. This new cloud-based system, powered by Workday, replaces our current, outdated HR systems and functionality, and provides a new and improved electronic mechanism to collect timesheets for student workers.

    You will no longer be using the biweekly electronic timesheet submission forms that were found on jotforms. Instead, you will be using MyDay to enter your hours worked in the new system.

    For hours worked the week of January 11-24, the deadline has passed. Late submissions should be submitted by paper timesheet to Human Resources at 80 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor for BH3 (1/11/2016 to 1/24/2016) only and will be processed on the BH 4 payroll (1/25/2016-2/8/2015).

    To learn more about MyDay, please visit our project website where you’ll find key information like status updates, need to know information, training, and communications.

    This week the MyDay timesheet submission deadlines are

    • The week of Monday, January 25 through Sunday, January 31, and have a submission deadline of Monday, February 1, no later than 9:00 a.m. 
    • If your workweek ends on Friday, January 29, it is recommended that you submit your weekly time on that day.

    Regular procedures

    Before entering your time in the new system, please read step-by-step guide to entering time in MyDay and confirm with your supervisor that your Student Employment, On Campus Student Employment (OCSE) or Federal Work Student (FWS), assignment have been processed with Human Resources for payment.

    If you have any questions about how to enter time please contact MyDayHR Help

    Important Timesheet Notes

    Please note

    • Timesheets must now be submitted each week, although employees will continue to be paid on their regular biweekly schedules.
    • Biweekly timesheets will be due for employee submission by 9:00 a.m. on the Monday following the reporting period end date, and the deadline for supervisory approval will be at noon on that same day.

    As a standard approach, MyDay leaves time cards open for data entry only one week at a time. A period work week is Monday through Sunday. Please be sure to enter your time in MyDay on a weekly schedule - or, even better, enter your time on a daily basis, so you won't have to remember your week's hours worked. Only hit Submit once you have entered time for your last shift of the week.

    Managers and Supervisors

    Please note

    • For this first week of timesheet entry in MyDay, you will be expected to have approved all of the pay period timesheets in your MyDay inbox by Monday, February 1, at noon.
    • In general, you should be checking your MyDay inbox daily for time-off requests and time entries that require your approval.
    If you have any questions about how to access Workday time sheets, please see this tipsheet about how to log in to MyDay or use the link below.

    take em to myday