• Performance Management

    Performance management is an ongoing process throughout the year, with a formal performance review conducted annually. The intent is to communicate and review job performance expectations, provide constructive feedback, document accomplishments, and jointly formulate performance development plans.

    Both employees and managers should be working together in their jobs for a minimum of 6 months before completing an annual review.  Please contact Human Resources with any questions.

    2016 Process

    Completing the Review in MyDay

    The performance review will now be conducted in MyDay. This will be a significant change for both managers and employees.

    This is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year, acknowledge accomplishments, identify areas that may need some improvement, and engage in discussion about professional development, career goals, and plans for the next year.

    Our objectives in implementing this process within MyDay include

    • Leveraging this new technology to conduct performance reviews easily and effectively
    • Setting and managing goals 
    • Implementing the feedback process
    • Eliminating previous systems and methods for review and improvement plans
    • Allowing for an easier workflow for approvals
    • Allowing for enhanced reporting and visibility of employee performance and development needs
    • Adding future enhancements to talent and performance to improve our workforce

    The performance review in MyDay has the following sections

    1. Performance Goals
    2. Feedback
    3. Summary of Strengths and Accomplishments
    4. Challenges (for Senior and Executive Staff)
    5. Competencies
    6. Professional Growth
    7. Questions about supervisory relationship and development needs
    8. Overall Rating

    Guidelines for conducting effective reviews

    MyDay allows for increased transparency in the review process both in terms of content and process. The goals and feedback sections are new functionality and new concepts in this community. Human Resources strongly encourages all managers to become familiar with these new functions by reviewing all training materials and attending a training session. There are training sessions designed particularly for managers and others for staff. If you are a manager, you only have to attend a manager session.

    Additional Guidelines

    • The basis for the evaluation is ongoing performance, not isolated events.
    • Goals should be aligned with job role and description.
    • Avoid allowing a strong factor of the employee's performance to influence another factor that needs improvement, or one that is weak to influence another that is outstanding.
    • Do not let personal feelings influence the evaluation.
    • Constructive comments are key elements of appraisal.
    • Give specific examples to illustrate your points.
    • Positives are as deserving of note as negatives.
    • Feedback should be descriptive and informative, not judgmental.
    • Information contained in a performance evaluation is personal and must be treated with great sensitivity.
    • Overall ratings are one factor used in determining annual increases. It should be not an average of all other ratings in the review but rather an overall assessment of the employee. Choose the definition that best describes the employee's performance over the entire review period.

    Overall Rating Descriptions

    (4) Exceptional: Exceeds Standards

    Clearly considered to be exceptional performers.

    Consistently exceed the communicated expectations for the job function, responsibility, or goal.

    Demonstrate unique understanding of work beyond assigned area of responsibility.

    Identify needs and provide unique, innovative, and workable solutions to problems.

    Achievements and abilities are obvious to subordinates, peers, managers, and others.

    (3) Consistently Meets Expectations (Fully Meets Standards)

    These employees are "on track" and fully achieve expectations.

    Independently and competently perform all aspects of the job function, responsibility, or goal.

    Performance consistently meets requirements standards or objectives of the job.

    Occasionally exceeds requirements.

    Recognizes, participates in, and adjusts to changing situations and goals.

    (2) Needs Some Improvement: Acceptable

    Generally meet expectations required for the position.

    Competently perform most aspects of the job function, responsibility, or goal.

    May require improvement in one or two areas of consistent weakness.

    Require coaching in a weak area or may need additional resources or training to meet expectations.

    A performance improvement plan must be initiated by HR in conjunction with the manager

    (1) Below Expectations: Fails to meet standards

    Employees with this rating fail to satisfactorily perform most aspects of the position (or function).

    Performance levels are below established requirements for the job.

    Employees require close guidance and direction in order to perform routine job duties.

    Performance may impede the work of others and the unit.

    A performance improvement plan must be initiated by HR in conjunction with the manager.

    Supervisors and/or staff needing further support or guidance with this process can contact Ilana Levitt in Human Resources.

    Please visit the MyDay website for step-by-step instructions for completing your performance review. There are also instructions for managers for setting goals, giving and getting feedback, and conducting reviews.