• The New School's 2014 commencement ceremony was held on Friday, May 23, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Commencement is a momentous celebration for our academic community, and we were delighted to have many friends and family members come from around the world for this major event.

    The keynote Commencement address was given by Internationally renowned novelist Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth, The Autograph Man, On Beauty and NW. She called on graduates to reach beyond themselves to seek meaning in connections with others. In a speech entitled "Many Hands," Smith urged graduates to find purpose and pleasure in collectively approaching the global challenges that will define their generation. "I speak in favor of recognizing our place within the many, not only as a slogan - much less as a personal sacrifice - but rather as a potential source of joy in your life," she said. "The climate. The economy. The sick relationship between the individual prestige of the First World and the anonymity of the Third. These are things only many hands can fix, working together."