When do I get paid?

    Paydays are always on a Friday, except when a Friday payday is also a federal holiday, in which case payday is the day before. For a payroll schedule, please go to the Payroll Schedules page.

    How do I fill out a timesheet?

    Your supervisor can guide you through the timesheet completion process. The payroll department can provide general instructions for timesheets.

    When are the timesheets due?

    Timesheets are generally due the Monday following payday, but please go to the Payroll Schedules page for each payroll's timesheet due date.

    Where do I submit my timesheet?

    All timesheets are due in the Payroll Department of the Office of Finance Business located at 79 Fifth Ave, 18th floor. Timesheets should be deposited in the bin labeled "Timesheets" located in the reception area of the OFB.

    What is a FOAP?

    FOAP stands for FUND-ORGANIZATION-ACCOUNT-PROGRAM (i.e. 11000-90000-60000-3000) and indicates where your wages are to be charged in the university's books. It is essential to include the FOAP on your timesheet in order to get paid, as it is connected to your payment information.

    Do I need to take a break/lunch?

    You need to account for a break or lunch every 6 hours that are worked. Union members should refer to your specific union contract.

    Where can I get additional timesheets?

    Additional timesheets are available at the receptionist's desk in the Office of Human Resources located at 79 Fifth Avenue, 18th floor.

    What if my supervisor is not available to sign my timesheet?

    You and your supervisor will need to coordinate in advance to make sure a completed and signed form is submitted for you to be paid.


    How do I know I will be paid on payday?

    Payroll is generally processed by the Tuesday before payday, and your pay statement can be viewed as soon as the processing is completed. You can view your pay statements on my.newschool.edu. If there is a pay statement online for a given week by Thursday, you are scheduled to be paid that Friday.

    Why didn't I get paid?

    There can be a number of reasons, but the most likely cause is paperwork not being submitted/received on time by the processing areas. If you are an hourly paid employee and your timesheet is not received in Payroll by the due date listed in our Schedules, you will not be paid until the next available pay date after it is received. Your supervisor may not have submitted a PRA to Human Resources by the due date (also listed in our Schedules) or did not renew a previously expired PRA.

    How do I place a stop payment on a check?

    Complete the Stop Payment form and submit it to the Payroll department. You can download the Stop Payment form through this webpage.

    My check is stale-dated. What should I do?

    The stale-dated check should be brought to the Payroll department to be re-issued. The re-issued check will be available in 48 hours.

    My check went to the wrong address because I moved. What should I do?

    It is very important that we have your most current address for sending checks, W-2 Forms and other important information to you. If you are an employee at the university, you can review the address that is on file at my.newschool.edu; if it is incorrect, you can change it yourself. Once your address is verified/corrected, contact the Payroll department to see whether the check was returned by the Post Office. Payroll will give you further directions at that point. If you are not a current employee, contact Human Resources to update your Payroll address.

    Direct Deposit

    What are the benefits of direct deposit?

    Direct deposit is convenient and time-saving. Your paycheck is automatically in your account on payday.

    How do I sign up for direct deposit?

    Just go to the Forms Guides section and download the Direct Deposit Authorization form. Using one of the checks from the account you would like to deposit to, complete the information on the DDA form, write VOID across the check, attach the check to the form and send to the Payroll Department at 79 Fifth Avenue, 18th floor.

    What if I don't have a check?

    Acceptable forms of bank documentation include a voided check or a letter from the bank signed by a bank associate. Please note: We do not accept deposit slips as they do not contain the information needed to set up your deposit.

    Can I split my pay into different accounts?

    Yes, just fill out a direct deposit form for each account and indicate a dollar amount to be deposited to each or write 100% of remaining net pay.

    How can I change my direct deposit information?

    Fill out a new deposit form and submit it to the Payroll department with appropriate documentation for all accounts that are to be changed.

    What if I don't have a bank account?

    Bank of America offers free checking and savings accounts to New School employees. Please stop by any Bank of America branch for details or to set up your account. Once you have your account established, just follow the directions noted above.

    Pay Statements

    How can I see or get a copy of my pay statements?

    You can view and print your pay statements through my.newschool.edu. Pay statements are accessed by indicating the year, then the pay period. You can also view your earning history and deduction history by pay period or for a specific timeframe.

    Why do the online pay statements only list the last four digits of my social security number?

    For security purposes, online pay statements have been designed to mask the first five digits of social security numbers.

    How can I get a copy of my pay stub if I cannot access MyNewSchool?

    If you can no longer access my.newschool.edu, please email the Payroll department to request pay stubs at Payrollhelp@newschool.edu. Be sure to include your ID number (N number) and the pay dates needed.

    What if I'm having trouble logging in to the my.newschool.edu website to view my pay stubs?

    Contact the IT help desk for assistance.


    How can I change the amount of taxes withheld from my check?

    You can complete new tax withholding forms for federal, state, or city tax. Submit a completed IRS W-4 form for federal tax withholding, a NY IT-2104 form for state tax withholding or a NYC IT-2104.1 form for city tax withholding. If you are not a NYC or Yonkers resident, submit a completed NY IT-2104.1 Form, which exempts you from New York City tax withholding. All of these forms can be downloaded from our webpage under Forms Guides.

    Can someone help me fill out my tax forms?

    We cannot advise you on tax matters or instruct you in completing the forms. Please refer to IRS or NY State websites and instructions or seek advice from a tax professional.

    I live in a state other than New York. What state tax will be withheld?

    New York State tax will be withheld. If you live in another state, you will need to file your taxes according to your state's regulations.

    Will I have local tax deducted from my check?

    If your Payroll address is within the 5 boroughs or Yonkers, local tax will be withheld from your paycheck.

    Am I exempt from federal tax?

    Most employees are not exempt from Federal Income Tax, which is not the same as claiming exemption on your W-4 form for withholding purposes. To determine if you should claim exempt status on your W-4 form, you need to read the instructions on the form to see if you can do so on the basis of your individual circumstances. Also, visit the IRS.gov website and speak with your tax advisor to be sure. Please remember your wages will still be taxable and reportable on your annual W-2 Form filed with the IRS. When filing your annual return, tax, interest and penalties owed are your responsibility.

    Where is my W-2?

    W-2s are mailed on or before January 31 of the following year to your payroll address. They are also available to view print through my.newschool.edu. Notification is sent by Payroll to let employees know when both the online and paper W-2 forms have been issued or are available.

    What resources are available to help me understand my W-2?

    Two guides, the Taxable Wage Worksheet and an Explanation of the Amount Reported on your W-2, have been posted on our webpage under Forms Guides to help you understand the data included in your W-2 as well as the way taxable wages are calculated.

    Am I exempt from FICA if I am a student?

    Students attending The New School are exempt from FICA when classes are in session and they are attending classes full-time. For work during the summer months, FICA is withheld from paychecks.

    Whom do I talk to about my taxes If I am not a U.S. citizen?

    If you are a foreign national employee, the Human Resources department can provide you with the tax forms you should complete. For tax advice, please speak with your tax advisor or visit the IRS website for guidance.