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    Jeannie Kahaney

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    Lisa Romeo     

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    The ULC will be open for tutoring December 17th - 19th. To book an appointment, log in to Starfish or try for a walk-in session. 

    Tutoring appointments are available by request January 7th - 29th. The ULC will open for regular tutoring January 30.

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  • Meet the Staff

  • Administrative

    Jeannie Kahaney | Director

    • Favorite Late Afternoon Boost: Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Frozen Yogurt
    • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Cross-Country Skiing
    • Favorite TV Show:The Americans
    • Favorite Cheap Eat: Dumplings

    Brooke Ellsworth | Assistant Director


    • Specialty Areas: Poetry, critical essay writing, English literature, Latin, philosophy (poststructuralism, existentialism, feminist theory)
    • Favorite TV Shows: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Fishing with John, Judge Judy 
    • Favorite Cheap Eat: Lhasa Fast Food, Jackson Heights
    • Favorite Movies: All About Eve, Onibaba, The Fly


      Sophia Garcia | Senior Front Desk Staff

      • Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Pride and Prejudice, Selena
      • Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Office, Ugly Betty
      • Favorite Book: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

    • General Tutors

      Nicole Im | General Tutor

      • Specialty Area: Nonfiction creative writing
      • Favorite TV Show: The Office, Game of Thrones, SVU
      • Favorite Magazine: The New Yorker
      • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Banjo-ing
      • Favorite Blog: The Dogist

      Anna Matthiesen | General Tutor

      Anna Matthiesen
      • Favorite Subway Line: M train
      • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Swimming
      • Favorite Dessert: Crème brûlée

      Holly Rice | General Tutor

      • Specialty Area: English Literature, Philosophy, and Creative Writing
      • Favorite Subway Line: L train
      • Favorite Borough: Brooklyn
      • Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Pumpkin-Chai Cronuts

      Nancy Roach | General Tutor

      • Favorite Subway Line: Any line where the conductor feels compelled to turn off the automated announcement system and add their own, idiosyncratic voice to my day.
      • Favorite Magazine: Should be the New Yorker, National Geographic, and Discover (because those are the ones I pay to subscribe to) but is really People, In Touch, or Us because if I'm reading one of them it means I'm on a plane flying somewhere.
      • Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Seeing my kids when they come home from school.

      Darcy Rothbard | General Tutor

      • Specialty Areas: Creative writing, personal essays, literary criticism, East Asian studies, outlining, introductions, forming a thesis
      • Favorite Book: Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami
      • Favorite TV Show: Mr. Robot
      • Favorite Movie: The Shining

    • Adobe Tutors

      Thomas Bauer | Adobe Tutor

      • Specialty Areas:  Adobe Premiere Pro
      • Extracurricular Activities: Making movies and music
      • Favorite Movie:Back to the Future
      • Favorite Band: Pavement
      • Cheap Eat: Gyro

      Ana Lopez | Adobe Tutor

      • Specialty area(s): Ai - Ps - Id / Design process and time management
      • Hobby: Dancing
      • Dessert: Cheesecake or brigadeiros
      • TV show: Friends
      • Podcast: 99% Invisible
      • Cheap eat: Falafel pita
      • Subway line: 2 or 3 train

      Tanvi Kanakia | Adobe Tutor

    • Computer Programming Tutors

      Aarati Akkapeddi | Computer Programming Tutor

      • Specialty area(s): HTML, CSS, Javascript
      • Extracurricular activity(-ies) / Hobbies: Drawing, playing violin badly, training my cat
      • Interesting facts: I'm a Capricorn
      • Afternoon boost: Grabbing coffee with a friend
      • Dessert: Flourless chocolate cake
      • TV show(s):Bojack Horseman, The Twilight Zone
      • Movie(s): Soy Cuba
      • Book(s):Tar Baby
      • Podcast(s): Love & Radio
      • Cheap eat: Vanessa's
      • Subway line: G
      • Borough: Brooklyn

      Jack Rieger | Computer Programming Tutor

      • Interesting facts: I attended a performing arts high school in Dallas as a jazz guitarist, spending half of my school days in music classes and many nights performing shows/gigs around the city.  In 2013, I performed at the world-famous Monterey Jazz Festival in California.
      • Favorite afternoon boost: Kyoto-style cold brew coffee
      • Favorite books: Statement and Counter-Statement by Experimental Jetset, Super Normal by Naoto Fukasawa & Jasper Morrison, The Source Digest by Cory Arcangel
      • Favorite podcast: Good Point, hosted by Rafaël Rozendaal & Jeremy Bailey

    • ESL Tutors

      Scott Beck | ESL Tutor


        Jeremy Butman | ESL Tutor


          Leia Carter | ESL Tutor


            Jessica Coyle | ESL Tutor

            • Specialty Area: ESL
            • Favorite Subway Line: 7
            • Favorite Borough: Queens
            • Favorite Movie: Django Unchained
            • Favorite TV Show: Adventure Time
            • Favorite Cheap Eat: Two Broz
            • Favorite Magazine: NY Times Weekend
            • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Improv
            • Favorite Blog: Buzzfeed
            • Favorite Dessert: Chocolate
            • Favorite Book: Kavalier and Clay
            • Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Green tea

            Cynthia Elmas | ESL Tutor

            • Specialty Area: ESL
            • Favorite Movie: North by Northwest
            • Favorite Cheap Eat: Villa Brazil Cafe, Astoria
            • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Ballet

            Maria Fisher | ESL Tutor

            • Specialty Area - ESL; General Writing; Oral Presentation and Interview Preparation; Time Managment
            • Background - I've worked as a journalist and as an ESL instructor. I am passionate about news, cello music, and the visual arts. My education includes master's degrees in teaching English language and international affairs, both from Columbia University. 
            • Hobbies - Cello, swimming, reading, and walking my Jack Russell terrier.

            Anna Fridlis | ESL Tutor

            • Specialty Area: ESL
            • Favorite Borough: Queens
            • Favorite TV Show: Frazier
            • Favorite Cheap Eat: Falafel

            Judith Gottfried | ESL Tutor

            • Favorite Borough: Brooklyn
            • Favorite TV Show: NOVA
            • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Playing the flute, reading
            • Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: Cranberry Almond KIND bar

            Grady Granros | ESL Tutor

            • Specialty Area: ESL, Writing, Literature, Film
            • Favorite Movie: The Rules of the Game, La Dolce Vita, The Exterminating Angel
            • Favorite Cheap Eat: Xi'an Famous Noodles
            • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Traveling

            Nicole Im | ESL Tutor


              Jaclyn Lovell | ESL Tutor

              Jaclyn Lovell
              • Specialty Areas: English, creative writing, psychology.
              • Hobbies: Stories, piano, karaoke, farming.
              • Interesting Facts: I've lived all over the world, but I still speak with a Wisconsin accent.
                I taught English in Korea for two years and in Taiwan for one.
                I took a slow boat to China and will never do that again.
                I am an expert at building snowmen and snow forts (again, I grew up in Wisconsin).

              Darcy Rothbard | ESL Tutor


                Jeremy Scott | ESL Tutor

                Jeremy Scott
                • Specialty Areas: ESL, Linguistics, Music recording and production
                • Interesting Facts: I received an MA in Linguistics from the University of Florida in 2002, and have been teaching ESL at Parsons since then.
                  Throughout my years at The New School, I've also been a tutor, administrator, and advisor.
                  I also run a recording studio and work at a handful of other studios around the city.
                • Hobbies: Biking, music recording/producing/mixing, playing music (bass, synthesizers, drums, trombone), DIY electronics

                Victoria Somogyi | ESL Tutor

                Victoria Somogyi
                • Favorite TV Show: Spiral (Engrenages), The Wire, Rectify, Wallander (the one with Krister Henricksson)
                • Favorite Cheap Eat: Domo Taco Truck
                • Favorite Dessert: Dobos torte
                • Favorite Video Game: Clash of Clans, Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims, World of Warcraft

              • Graduate Tutors

                Ben Norris | Graduate Tutor

                • Specialty Area: Philosophy (Modern, German Idealism, Psychoanalysis, Postwar French Continental, Speculative Realism), Design Theory, Visual Culture
                • Favorite Subway Line: Z Train
                • Favorite Borough: Manhattan
                • Favorite Movie: Sunshine, Children of Men, I Heart Huckabees, I Saw the Devil
                • Favorite TV Show: Hannibal, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Real World, The Shahs of Sunset
                • Favorite Cheap Eat: Union Square Food Cart cheesesteak
                • Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Basketball
                • Favorite Late-Afternoon Boost: A Nap or a Beer

              • Math Tutors

                Remzi Baris Tercioglu | Math Tutor

                • Specialty areas: Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Mathematics
                • Extracurricular activities: Swimming, watching films
                • Favorite subway line: F
                • Favorite borough: Brooklyn

                Luiza Nassif Pires | Math Tutor


                  Marjan Fadavi | Math Tutor