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  • Summer registration for degree students opens March 21. Non-degree student registration opens March 26. The summer semester will run from June 4 to July 23. All courses will be offered online with live Zoom sessions. Courses need not be taken in the order listed unless a prerequisite is indicated in the course description.

    Required Courses

    Methods and Techniques of Teaching ELLs

    In this course, participants learn the basics of student-centered teaching and how to plan lessons that integrate contextualized grammar instruction with the teaching of vocabulary and the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) as well as error correction and classroom management. The emphasis is on communicative learning. Participants are required to observe at least three hours of ESL classes and teach an ESL/EFL class for a minimum of 15 hours during the semester. Participants must find their own teaching positions; call 212.229.5372 or email [email protected] for a list of possible teaching sites.

    English Grammar for ESL/EFL Teachers

    This course is designed to improve formal understanding of English grammar while providing hands-on practical training for future English language teachers. Each week students research the form, meaning, and use of a grammatical structure, beginning with simple structure and progressing through more complex ones such as conditionals and passives. Students investigate appropriate context, pronunciation, and communicative practice activities. In class, results are shared, discussed, and built on through sample lessons and activities.

    Assessment in the Language Classroom

    A vital part of teaching ESL/EFL is developing and implementing valid tools with which to assess the levels, needs, goals, and progress of one's students. In this course, students examine traditional forms of testing and learn to design alternative forms of assessment. Students explore, design, and engage with a variety of assessment tools and tasks. Finally, the class looks at the relationships between assessment, testing, teaching, and learning. Prerequisite: Methods and Techniques for Teaching English Language Learners.

    Teaching the Sound System of English

    In this course, participants learn how the sounds of English are produced and how to describe them to English language learners in order to diagnose pronunciation difficulties and increase intelligibility. Students will learn how to create various types of classroom activities designed to help English language learners practice English sounds within a communicative framework.

    ESL Teaching Practicum

    Fall and spring only. This course consists of two components: 15 hours of volunteer teaching (cumulative over the course of the semester) and a weekly seminar class with other student teachers. Students choose a location for their teaching from the many suggested off-site locations throughout the metropolitan area. Prerequisites: Methods and Techniques for Teaching English Language Learners, English Grammar for ESL Teachers, and Assessment in the Language Classroom. 

    Annual Course Calendar

    Please see our annual course calendar to plan your course of study. Please note this schedule is subject to change.

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