• New Students

    New York City Application Deadlines 

    DECEMBER 1, 2018 - (Spring 2019 New Admits)

    Priority application deadline for New York City housing for spring 2019 (spring semester new admits only)

    MAY 1, 2019

    Priority application deadline for all Fall 2019 admitted first-time students and new transfer students who submit an application by this date are guaranteed housing for fall.
    Please note: The housing application is not first come, first served. As part of your application, you are asked for your preferred building and room type; however, assignments are made on the basis of other factors, including academic program and personal profile questions.

    Preparing to Apply

    Before you apply for student housing, you must

    • Be accepted as a full-time student by one of the colleges of The New School
    • Receive your New School ID number (N plus eight digits)
    • Pay your tuition deposit (where applicable)
    • Receive instructions for logging on to my.newschool.edu


    The 2019-2020 AY Housing Application will open on Monday, March 25, 2019.

    How to Apply

    Once you have all the information described above, you can start your application for student housing.

    1. Log on to my.newschool.edu.
    2. Select the Services tab and find the housing application link (this link may take up to a week after your tuition deposit is paid to appear).
    3. Fill out the online application.
    4. Electronically sign the 2019–2020 Housing License Agreement.
    5. Pay the nonrefundable housing deposit of $350 (part of submitting the application).
    6. Wait for your 2019–2020 room and roommate assignment information. It will be sent to your New School email address in July (January for new spring applicants).

    Your housing application is not complete until you have made your $350 housing deposit. Please remember that this is a full-academic-year contractual obligation unless you are graduating or going on a study abroad for spring 2020.

    Special Housing Accommodations

    In accordance with applicable federal, state, and city disability laws, The New School's Student Disability Services office will review your request for special housing accommodations.

    Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking the student’s documented disability-related needs and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations into consideration. You can request a special housing accommodation here.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, email universityhousing@newschool.edu or call us at 212.229.5459.