• Available Services

    All students who have paid the per-semester Student Health Services Fee can access care at no additional charge. However, insurance must be used to cover the costs of diagnostic tests, X-rays, lab tests, and other outside services; depending on your plan, deductibles and co-payments normally apply.

  • Medical Consultation and Treatment

    Medical Services provides primary care for students, including diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries. When a consultation with a specialist is needed, referrals are made to appropriate physicians. Our medical service providers follow up with the student as well as specialists and hospitals and other agencies to ensure proper communication and continuity of care.

    Routine and Preventive Health Care

    Preventing illness is preferable to treating it. Medical Services therefore offers routine preventive care services, including physical examinations; GYN health care; emergency contraception; travel health; LGBTQIAGNC health care; PEP, PrEP, and STI screening and treatment; HIV testing; immunizations; cholesterol screening; blood pressure monitoring; tuberculosis skin testing (PPD); vision screening; nutritional guidance; smoking cessation; and dental referrals.


    Through Medical Services, students can schedule appointments to receive general nutritional counseling or to discuss a particular nutritional concern.


    Gynecological examinations and treatment including routine care, sexual health counseling, and diagnosis of disease are available. Pap smears and other laboratory tests may be performed.

    Birth Control

    Condoms are available in our waiting area, in residence halls, and upon request. After counseling, prescriptions may be provided for other contraceptive methods, including birth control pills, to be filled at an outside pharmacy. Emergency contraception (Plan B and Ella) is also available at no cost, with no appointment needed. Medical Services also provides IUDs and Nexplanon.

    Sex Positivity, Safer Sex, and Sexuality Counseling

    Medical, counseling, and health promotion staff are available to help students with any questions or concerns they have about issues like sexually transmitted infections and diseases (chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, HPV, etc.), sexual functioning, social and emotional issues, and birth control. In addition, therapists are available to speak with students who have questions about sexual relationships, gender identity, or body image. Sex positivity and sex education workshops are available upon request.

    LGBTQIAGNC Services

    Students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Gender-Non-Conforming, may have health questions and concerns specific to their sexual orientation, sexual identity, or gender identity that they want to discuss with their medical provider. The staff welcome questions and strive to create an inclusive and responsive health and wellness service for all students.

    Student Health Services coordinates the Safe Zone program, a voluntary network of New School community members that includes LGBTQIAGNC advocates and straight allies. Visit the Safe Zone website.

    Travel Health

    Medical Services provides the latest health information and immunization services for travel. If we do not have the vaccines available, our staff will refer you to a local health center that has the immunizations required for travel. The earlier you prepare for your trip abroad, the better. Please contact us as soon as you know you are traveling to determine your travel health needs. We advise you to schedule an appointment four to six weeks before your trip if possible. If you are planning a long trip, as for study abroad, it is advisable that you schedule an appointment eight to 12 weeks in advance. Please check with your insurance carrier about coverage. Also bring records of prior immunizations with you to your appointment if possible. You can obtain additional information about staying healthy while you are traveling at the Centers for Disease Control Travel Health website.


    As part of our prevention efforts, we offer vaccinations on-site. The following immunizations are routinely available: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), tetanus, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Flu shots are available in the fall–winter season. The costs of vaccines are charged to your student account. Please call ahead to make an appointment and to ensure that the vaccine is available at that time, or to discuss any questions you may have about immunizations. Additional information about immunizations can be obtained at the Centers for Disease Control website.

    Laboratory Tests

    We perform some rapid routine laboratory tests on-site at no cost to you. Most tests (such as blood and urine samples and Pap smears) are sent to an outside laboratory, which will bill you or your health insurance provider.

    HIV/AIDS Testing

    HIV testing is provided in Medical Services by appointment. If testing is performed by Medical Services, insurance co-payments and deductibles may apply.

    During the academic year, free, confidential HIV testing is also offered at Student Health Services through a partnership with the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center. Please call ahead to confirm testing days and times at 212.229.1671, option 1.

    You can also obtain information about additional HIV testing in New York City from the New York City Department of Health at 800.825.5448 or 212.447.8200.

    Medication and Prescriptions

    Certain medications can be dispensed by our staff following a consultation. If you need to fill or renew a prescription, you must use your insurance coverage or pay at an outside pharmacy.


    You can discuss any concerns or questions you have with the medical staff. Although the vast majority of concerns can be managed at Medical Services, in some instances a referral is needed. If you are given a referral, your Medical Services provider will communicate with the specialist to ensure continuity of care.

    Wellness and Health Promotion

    A variety of health-related workshops and training and outreach programs are offered throughout the year by the health promotion staff. These programs include individual counseling on sex and body positivity, nutrition, and time management; group activities like meditation; auricular acupuncture and acupressure; and alcohol and other drug harm reduction.

    Peer Health Advocates are an integral part of the Wellness and Health Promotion team. Peer Health Advocates are students trained in health education, communication, and program facilitation who assist in implementing the services provided by the program.

    After-Hours Nurse Advice Line

    Student Health Services offers an after-hours nurse advice line that is available to students whenever the clinic is closed. Experienced nurses will provide you with medical guidance, health information, decision-making assistance, and referrals.