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  • Exam Accommodations

    Once a student receives a letter from SDS granting extended time and/or a separate, quiet testing space, it is up to the student to arrange for the implementation of these accommodations. In order to do so, discuss with your instructor how to best implement the accommodations.

    Many times, the instructor and student are able to work together to arrange for the extra time and SDS will not be directly involved. If your instructor is unable to arrange for extra time and/or a quiet space, contact SDS to reserve the use of the Testing Room (80 5th Avenue, room 324). Please provide all the following information:

    • Your name
    • Course code and title, instructor's name and you and your instructor's contact information.
    • Exam date and time
    • Any special considerations, such as a need for computer access
    • How the instructor will provide the exam to SDS and much time the class is permitted for the exam
    • Any special instructions for the exam (e.g., open book, calculator permitted, etc).

    Please make sure to arrive for your exam at the prescribed date and time. SDS cannot authorize exams for alternate dates or provide make-up exams without express permission from the instructor.

    For a midterm or final exam, SDS prefers a minimum of two weeks' notice in order arrange accommodations. For a general exam, SDS requires at least one week's notice.

    Students utilizing the Testing Room for exams are subject to the same academic integrity policy as students taking the exam in the classroom.