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  • Materials in Alternate Format

    Some students have disabilities that prevent them from accessing standard print versions of their course readings. For instance, a student who is blind cannot access standard print and may require an audio version of the text. In such cases, SDS can assist the student with obtaining textbooks and other class materials in an alternate, accessible format.

    How to Request Accessible Materials

    In order to request books in alternate format, please provide SDS with the following information:

    • Your name
    • The names of the instructors and classes for which you are requesting alternate format material
    • Each book’s title, author, publisher, and edition, if applicable
    • Your preferred format. For example, pdf, audio file, rtf, word document, or daisy. If you are unsure which format would be best for you, SDS can make recommendations.

    Obtaining materials in alternate format can take time; therefore, the earlier you get this information to our office, the better. Students sometimes provide this information to SDS between semesters so we can provide them with the accessible material at the start of the semester to assure they do not fall behind.

    Important Note

    You are legally required to purchase a print copy of any material you are asking for in alternate format. Publishers are within their right to require proof of purchase before providing alternate format texts. Be prepared to provide our office with a receipt of purchase.

    Regarding Course Packets

    Some classes have packets of course readings that students are responsible for acquiring at local copy centers. If you provide SDS with an unbound course packet, we may be able to scan the material and provide it to you as a digital file.