• Associate in Applied Science Transfer Credits

    Transfer Credits

    In order for credits to be considered for transfer, applicants must submit official transcripts for all prior college study. Credits earned at schools not listed on the application will not be considered for transfer.

    A Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) is provided to all admitted transfer applicants. This document is prepared by the Office of Admission to evaluate prior coursework and qualifying exams in order to determine whether and how they may be transferred toward degree requirements at Parsons.

    Applicants in AAS programs may transfer a maximum of 30 credits (Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication, and Communication Design) or a maximum of 31 credits (Interior Design).

    Students with a conferred bachelor’s degree will transfer between 12 and 15 credits of liberal arts credits, based on their prior coursework and their Parsons program. They will transfer another 6 credits of Critical Reading and Writing if English was the language of instruction at their degree-granting institution. Additional credits may be applied to liberal arts requirements and program electives, up to the credit limits, provided that prior courses are relevant to their course of study at Parsons.

    For students who did not earn a bachelor’s degree, the Office of Admission will provide a thorough review and transfer on a course-by-course basis as applicable to the program.

    Time to Complete Degree

    The time required to complete the degree will vary based on whether the student pursues part-time or full-time study, both of which are permitted in AAS programs. In general, students transferring up to 15 credits should expect to spend at least four semesters of full-time study, and students transferring between 15 and 30 credits should expect to spend at least three semesters of full study (longer if attending part-time).

    For a comprehensive list of transfer credit policies, please refer to the Undergraduate Transfer Student webpage.