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Recent Updates: The New School has released its academic plan for 2020-21 and a phased reopening plan for its New York campus. Please check the Parsons Paris website for information about our Paris campus. Learn more.

  • Cost of Coverage and Eligible Dependents

    The university offers health care coverage and dental coverage with Aetna. Please review the Health and Dental Eligibility page for eligibility requirements.

    If you are eligible to participate in the university's health care and dental care plans, you can also enroll the following eligible dependents:

    • A spouse (a copy of a marriage certificate is required)
    • A same or opposite-sex domestic partner (a copy of an approved Statement of Domestic Partnership is required)
    • A child (or children) through the end of the year in which he or she turns 26* (a copy of a birth certificate that shows the names of both the parent and the child or legal documentation of adoption or court-ordered care by the employee is required)
    • A dependent child (or children) who was found to have a disability before the attainment of age 19 (a copy of a birth certificate that shows the names of both the parent and the child or legal documentation of adoption or court-ordered care by the employee and documentation of disability status are required)

    A child (or children) is defined as:

    • Your biological child
    • Your stepchild
    • Your qualified domestic partner's child
    • Your legally adopted child
    • Your foster child, including any child placed with you for adoption
    • Any child for whom you are responsible under court order

    Eligible dependents can be enrolled only during your initial eligibility period or enrolled or dropped from coverage during the Annual Open Enrollment period each fall unless you and/or your dependent experience a Change in Status as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

    *Once a child no longer meets eligibility requirements, you must notify the benefits staff within 30 days so that the child can be removed from your coverage and offered continuation coverage through COBRA.


    You and the university share in the 2021 cost of coverage. You are responsible for paying your share of the premium. In order to enroll in a health and/or dental care plan, you must earn enough in wages to cover the annual cost of the plan(s) you elect. Contributions are withheld from your monthly paychecks over the course of the Academic Year (September through June). If you do not receive a paycheck in any month during the Academic Year, the amount of contributions withheld from another paycheck (or paychecks) that you receive during the Academic Year will be increased so that your premium will be paid to the fullest extent feasible through deductions from your pay.

    Contributions for health care plan and dental care plan coverage for you, a spouse, or a dependent child (or children), if applicable, are deducted on a pre-tax basis from your paycheck. If you have enrolled a domestic partner, the portion of the contributions attributable to your coverage in the health care plan and dental care plan is deducted on a pre-tax basis. However, the portion of the contribution attributable to the domestic partner's coverage is withheld from each paycheck on an after-tax basis, and the portion of the university's contribution attributable to your domestic partner's coverage is added to your earnings as taxable income (referred to as "imputed income").  Please refer to the 2021 imputed income chart for domestic partner and child(ren) coverage for detailed taxation information.

    Note: If your entire share of the annual premium is not paid through payroll deductions from your paychecks, you will be required to pay on an after-tax basis (by personal check) for your coverage. If you do not pay your share of the premium, your coverage will be terminated retroactive to the last day of the month for which you paid your share of the premiums.