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    • Through hands-on projects, learn about traditional and emerging media forms, and how to choose the right media for a performance. Train on industry-standard tools for digital imaging, sound, and projection lighting. Study under the guidance of award-winning artists-faculty who will serve as your mentors. Find inspiration from cutting-edge work happening just outside your door in New York City's vibrant art community.

      Develop your storytelling toolkit as a dramatic artist. Through our creative technologies curriculum, you will learn different media forms, the relationship between forms, and guidelines for choosing the combination that works best for a performance or project. Start by understanding basic elements of design and narrative photography, then dive into film and new media, and finally into the convergence of film and performative practice.

      Based on the principles of design thinking, you will develop an understanding of both traditional and emerging media forms and explore how to apply these principles to theater and performative practice. Learn how to interweave graphic and media design concepts while working on collaborative, multimedia projects with students across the School of Drama. Projects you will work on range from digital still imagery and its sequencing, sound, lighting, and the moving image and digital post­production.

      As a BFA student, you will hone your craft and artistic vision by taking foundation courses in creative technologies, acting, playwriting, and directing, making you a well-rounded dramatic artist. Then, chart your own path by choosing electives based upon your interests, gaining knowledge and inspiration from courses in the liberal arts, design, media, entrepreneurship, and more from across The New School's colleges.

  • Degree Programs

    Learn more about the interdisciplinary degrees offered in the School of Drama:

  • Masters of their craft, our renowned faculty bring real-world expertise to develop an inspired and robust curriculum:

  • Performance & Learning Opportunities

    Go beyond the edge of the stage. Discovering new ways to unleash your talent and potential. Through our performance opportunities, you have the chance to bring your art to life while gaining hands-on experience through creative experimentation.

    BFA Drama
    PL Opp 1
    PL Opp 3

    Collaborative Partnerships

    Create bold, innovative theater under the guidance of industry leaders.

    Take devised collaborative theater production to new heights. Through the School of Drama's partnerships with companies like the Tectonic Theater Project, you'll have the opportunity to approach staging theater productions in new ways, leveraging the relevance, vibrancy, and innovation that are hallmarks of Tectonic's work. Collaborate directly with Tectonic teaching artists and our faculty as you push your skills outside of your discipline and learn how to employ every element of the theatrical machine towards making narrative, including lights, props, costumes, and text.

    Creative Café

    Where entrepreneurial drive and creative expression collide.

    Have a creative vision you want to bring to life? Creative Café is the spot. Creative Café offers BFA students the opportunity to propose and produce self-directed projects with resources from the School of Drama. Work under the close guidance of a Faculty Advisor, getting hands-on producing experience managing a project from start to finish. Develop the skills that will be demanded of as you as a professional artist while collaborating with undergrad and graduate students from across The New School community to bring your studio performance to life. A creative and entrepreneurial spirit is required.

    MFA Cinema Project Workshop

    Narrative short-film making through interdisciplinary collaboration.

    Come together with fellow graduate students from the College of Performing Arts to collaborate on the development, production, and completion of an original short film. The Cinema Project Workshop pairs MFA Drama writers, directors, and actors together with the producers, cinematographers, editors, and sound designers from the School of Media Studies. During the fall semester, you'll master the theories and principles of filmmaking through a series of short projects. In spring, join a student production team to bring an original screenplay to life, featuring scores by Mannes and Jazz composers.

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