• A Conservatory of Possibilities. You possess a luminous talent and a profound desire to turn this talent into a career. We are transforming the conservatory education to make that career a reality with a dynamic integration of rigorous training and real-world experience. You can’t imagine the benefits. Doors open. Curtains part. Cutting-edge possibilities reveal themselves.

    • Watch the video of the first ever Mannes and Parsons collaboration of a fully staged opera performance, Daniel Catán’s Il Postino.

    • In fall 2015, Mannes will move downtown to join The New School in Greenwich Village, in a new space designed especially for musicians.

    • Bring more music into your life with our renowned classes at Mannes Prep and Mannes NEXT (formerly Mannes Extension Divsion).

    • This screening of the silent films Sherlock Jr. (Buster Keaton) and The Immigrant (Charlie Chaplin) will feature music performed by ensembles from Mannes and Jazz.

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