Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age students attend your program?

    Mannes Prep accepts students from ages 4 to 18 (pre-K through high school).

    Are theory and ear training required of all students who attend Mannes?

    Yes, Techniques of Music courses are required. Courses combine theory and ear training in the lower grades, and a separate ear training course is required of students in the Senior Program .

    When do classes meet? How are they scheduled?

    Classes meet weekdays between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. and all day Saturday. Ensembles, including orchestras, Senior Chorus, and chamber music meet only on Saturday. All Techniques of Music classes are offered on Saturday, but not every class is offered during the week. The class schedule changes from year to year. Private instruction is scheduled according to faculty and student availability.

    Is financial aid available?

    Financial aid is available and is based on demonstrated need. Additionally, scholarships are available for students who show proficiency on such under-represented instruments as: bassoon, double bass, French horn, harp, oboe, and viola. Students who receive financial aid must re-apply each year.

    Is your program only for students wishing to eventually attend a conservatory or music school?

    While many of our students do go on to pursue a career in music, the desire to do so is not a requirement to enter the Prep Division. All our students find that their Mannes experience helps them in whatever discipline they pursue. Those students wishing to pursue a career in music are invited to audition for the Mannes  Honors Program .

    Where do Prep graduates typically go for higher education?

    In addition to going on to attend Mannes College, recent  alumni  have chosen to attend many of the nation's leading conservatories and universities.

    Do you offer a summer program?

    Yes, we offer private instruction during our  Summer Session .