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  • Grades 1–4

    Private Instruction: 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour, or 1 hour (1/2 hour lessons are only available up to Grade 3)
    Techniques of Music: 1-hour class

    Workshops and Recitals

    Ensembles: String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, or Junior Chorus

    Students grades 1-4 enter the Junior Program, designed to give the young musician a comprehensive grounding in music fundamentals as well as introducing more advanced topics. Techniques of Music courses include written theory and ear training and introduce works from the literature.

    Elementary Techniques of Music

    Students learn basic music material through movement, singing, and listening. Coordination, rhythmic awareness, and basic reading are emphasized during the first two years, and fundamentals of music theory and form are stressed in years three and four. Guided listening acquaints children with appropriate selections of significant literature and develops their listening skills.

    Intermediate Techniques of Music

    Students continue the work begun in the elementary courses, including more advanced sight-reading and melodic dictation. Harmony and species counterpoint are introduced. Listening is expanded to include longer selections. The emotional and expressive qualities of a work are discussed in addition to theoretical concepts. Intermediate courses include intensive reviews of previously learned materials in order to establish a firm foundation for musical growth.

  • New Student Application Process

    Interested students should complete the Mannes Prep Online Application and pay the nonrefundable application fee of $75. New students are admitted to Mannes Prep after passing a faculty audition and a music theory placement test. Our fall 2021 audition dates, as well as all audition requirements, are listed below; applications for our fall 2021 auditions are due April 15, 2021. 

    Audition Dates

    Fall 2021 Auditions

    • Saturday, May 22 — Strings, Guitar, Piano, and Program for the Very Young
    • Sunday, May 23 — Voice, Winds, Brass, Percussion, and Composition

    Audition Information

    • String, Guitar, Woodwind, Brass, and Piano students with experience should prepare two contrasting pieces and a major and minor scale of their choice. Accompanists are neither required nor provided for instrumentalists, who are welcome to bring their own if they wish.
    • Vocalists should prepare two contrasting songs, one of which should be in English. An accompanist will be provided.
    • Composers should bring two scores of pieces they have written. Recordings are welcome but not required.
    • Percussionists should prepare repertoire for snare drum, mallet instruments, and timpani following the requirements below. Beginners and younger students should demonstrate what they can play on any of the above instruments.
      • Snare drum:Concert or rudimental solo/etude of your choice (for example, Cirone or Wilcoxon).
      • Mallets: Two mallet solo or etude of your choice (for example, Goldenberg or Green)
      • Timpani: Two drum solo or etude of your choice (for example, Goodman or Firth)
      • Jazz drummers and drum set students should demonstrate the ability to play different styles and tempos such as swing, jazz ballad (brushes), bossa nova and funk, in addition to preparing a rudimental snare solo of your choice. Beginners and younger students should demonstrate what they can play on any of the above instruments.
      • All auditionees take a music theory placement test to determine which theory class is best for them.
      • For young students who have not previously studied music, the audition is a chance for the faculty and students to get to know one another and determine the right fit, so no prepared performance is required.
      • Cost-of-attendance information is available on the Mannes Prep Tuition & Fees Sheet.
      • Financial aid is available. Click here to submit your 2021-2022 Financial Aid application, due April 15.

      Continuing Students Renewal Process

      Returning students must renew by May 1 to ensure a place for the following year. Renewal instructions are emailed to families by the Prep office, and the process music must be completed and the nonrefundable tuition deposit paid by May 1. Course schedules are emailed to continuing students shortly before the start of classes.

      For more information about the admission or renewal process, please email us at

    • Contact Us

      Admission Contact
      College of Performing Arts
      Office of Admission
      55 West 13th Street
      New York, NY 10011
      212.229.5150 or 800.292.3040
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