• Mannes Board of Governors

    Linda E. Rappaport, Chair
    Eugenia A. Ames*
    Deborah Beale*
    Beatrice K. Broadwater*
    Nicholas Firth
    Michael E. Gellert
    Alexander Glantz
    Peter M. Gross
    Bob Leibholz
    Howard G. Lepow
    Bevis Longstreth
    Carol Nickell
    David W. Niemiec
    Jeff Nissim
    Elaine Parisier
    Andrew C. Quale, Jr.
    Anthony J. Rudel
    Philip D. Scaturro
    William A. Schwartz
    Mrs. James C. Slaughter*
    Donald A. Wagner

    Artist Members

    Danielle de Niese*
    JoAnn Falletta*
    Gordon P. Getty
    Murray D. Perahia*
    Robert Sherman
    Frederica von Stade*

    *Mannes Alumnus or Alumna

    Office of the Dean

    Richard Kessler, Executive Dean for Performing Arts and Dean of Mannes School of Music
    William Gustafson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Valerie Feuer, Vice Dean for Finance and Administration, College of Performing Arts
    Maggie Koozer, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, College of Performing Arts
    Matthew Sullivan, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff
    Michael Seabrook, Assistant Director, Finance and Administration, College of Performing Arts
    Anna Leuchtenberger, Manager of Academic Affairs, College of Performing Arts
    Robyn Martinez, Manager of Academic Affairs, College of Performing Arts
    Susan Barry, Manager of Communications, College of Performing Arts
    Mimi Tzu-yu Tu, Senior Office Assistant


    Julie Groob, Vice Dean of Production, College of Performing Arts
    Octavia Driscoll, Director of Production Management, College of Performing Arts
    Erik Bestmann, Director of Concert Operations
    Matt McAdon, Technical Director, College of Performing Arts
    Rohana Elias-Reyes, Director of the Schneider Concerts and the New York String Orchestra Seminar
    Kelly Edwards, Orchestra Manager 
    Annabelle Avenier Ramirez, Performance and Ensemble Manager
    Ryan Anselmi, Technical Manager, College of Performing Arts
    Chris Hoffman, Manager of Production and Engineering, College of Performing Arts
    Chris Gulhaugen, Part-Time Large Ensemble Manager
    Jennifer Grutza, Associate Producer, College of Performing Arts
    Louis Tasciotti, Piano Technician

    Heads of Departments

    Emma Griffin, Artistic Director, Mannes Opera
    David Hayes, Orchestra Director
    Frank Nemhauser, Director of Vocal Studies
    Pavlina Dokovska, Piano Department Coordinator
    Lowell Liebermann, Composition Coordinator
    Judith Mendenhall, Woodwind Department Coordinator
    Beth Roberts-Sebek, Voice Department Coordinator
    Weston Sprott, Brass Department Coordinator
    Cristina Stanescu, Collaborative Piano Department Coordinator
    Jeffrey Zeigler and Dan Panner, String Department Coordinators

    Mannes Prep

    Katherine White, Assistant Dean for Mannes Prep and Pre-College Programs
    Jonathan Herbert, Assistant Director

    The New School Senior Leadership

    The New School Administration

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