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  • The School of Drama

    Drama Annex Building:
    151 Bank Street
    New York, NY 10014
    Phone: 212.229.5859
    Fax: 212.242.5018

    Departmental Leadership

    Cotter Smith
    MFA Acting
    Department Head

    Lou Jacob
    MFA Directing
    Department Head

    Jon Robin Baitz
    MFA Playwriting
    Department Head

    William Cusick
    MFA and BFA Creative Technologies
    Department Head

    Kirya Traber
    BFA Collaborative Research Studio

    Stephanie Cunningham
    Summer Programs


    Program Office

    Pippin Parker

    Linda Kleppinger
    Managing Associate to the Director
    x2625 Room 202

    Leighton Mitchell
    Managing Director
    x2623 Room 203B

    Emerson Brathwaite
    Senior Office Assistant
    x2621 Room 203B

    Carrie E. Neal
    Director of Academic and Faculty Affairs
    Room 203A

    Marlon Meikle
    Assistant Director of Academic Planning
    Room 203

    Robert Hoyt
    Director of Professional Development and External Relations
    x2630 Room 205

    Rachel Francois
    Senior Academic and Experiential Education Advisor
    x2617 Room 203

    Summer Programs

    Stephanie Cunningham
    Room 203

    Production Office

    Jim Foster
    Interim Director of Production and Operations
    Room 204

    Dave Chontos
    Production Manager
    Room 204

    Octavia Driscoll
    Production Manager
    Room 204

    Rachel Dozier-Ezell
    Costume Shop Supervisor

    Claire Summers
    Technical Supervisor

    Arts Integrity Initiative

    Howard Sherman
    Room 103
    212.229.5859 x1322

    Admission Office

    Sherri Barber
    Senior Admission Counselor, MFA Programs

    Sam Byron
    Admission Counselor, MFA and BFA Programs

    MFA Admission

    BFA Admission