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    Do you have news to share? Are you working on a new project? Celebrating your marriage or the birth of a child? Please send your news to Robert Hoyt at hoytr@newschool.edu or:

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    Drama Alumni Theater Companies & Industry Affiliations

    A listing of Drama Alumni professional affiliations, with company descriptions and website links.
    Drama Alumni Industry Affiliations [PDF]

    Drama Alumni Alliance

    The Drama Alumni Alliance is a group of graduates that serves as a resource for the Alumni body, creating social opportunities, facilitating networking opportunities, industry contacts and professional development. The Alliance is focused on maintaining an Alumni community in which the graduates of various years can communicate and work together.

    The Alliance meets four times each academic year and is open to all graduates. If you are interested in participating, please contact Robert Hoyt, Director of Professional Development, at 212-229-5859 x2630 or hoytr@newschool.edu.

    Drama Alumni Play Development Project

    This project is a playreading workshop lab where plays submitted by Alumni Playwrights are directed in staged readings by Alumni Directors with Alumni Actors for an audience of Alumni and invited guests. This creative workshop lab experience provides an opportunity for Alumni Playwrights to evaluate and further develop new work with the support of an Alumni Director and Alumni cast, with feedback from an interested, invested Alumni audience; Alumni Directors are introduced to fresh, new Playwright voices and talent; and Alumni Actors are provided with additional performance opportunities and introductions – the networking possibilities are limitless.

    In addition to providing a forum for the creation of new work, an outcome is to have the workshopped plays move beyond the lab: to be produced by an existing Alumni company or independently; to have the script ready for submission to a theater by the Playwright; or entered for festival consideration.

    After this workshop period and additional, full rehearsal, the play will be ready for public performance, providing a performance opportunity for all artists involved, as well as a networking opportunity to cultivate industry interest in their work in their respective fields.

    The Project is ongoing with a call for Playwright submissions each fall; relationships with Directors and the casting for Actors follow shortly thereafter.

    If you are interested in participating, please contact Robert Hoyt, Director of Professional Development, at 212-229-5859 x2630 or hoytr@newschool.edu.

    Drama Alumni Playwright Lab

    The Drama Alumni Playwright Lab is a development and support organization for all Alumni Playwrights. Participation is open, flexible, and on an ‘as-needed’ basis, based on each individual Playwright’s need.

    All interested Playwrights meet as a bi-weekly/monthly group, guided by a Lab Team Leader (an Alumni volunteer). As a group, they will aid each other in the development of a project by reading pages aloud and offering analytic response. Feedback is tailored to the needs of the writer and the stage of development of the piece. The Lab culminates in a table reading of the work, on a rotating scheduled determined by the Lab participants and trusted ears whose presence the Playwright requests. The Lab Team Leader facilitates valuable feedback with the Playwrights involved.

    The Lab can also lead into the Alumni Play Development Project, allowing the Playwrights to hear their play read by Alumni Actors, helmed by an Alumni Director, in a safe environment whenever and as often as they need to hear a draft, leading to further development, and the possibility of a fully-staged reading for an audience and industry, and possible realized production.

    This Lab work also serves as a social and networking experience designed to encourage a system of support. This opportunity creates a valuable community among fellow writers, helping to alleviate the isolation of the writing process and facilitating the sharing of experiences, fears and ambitions. As each Alumni Playwright has new readings, workshops, and productions, the process will provide a forum for the sharing of writing techniques, collaborators, presenters and developmental procedures. The primary intention of the Lab experience is to provide a network of support for Alumni Playwrights to write and receive feedback in a safe environment, with an ideal outcome for the work to exist outside of the Lab – whether it moves on to the Alumni Play Development Project, theater submission or subsequent production.

    If you are interested in participating, please contact Robert Hoyt, Director of Professional Development, at 212-229-5859 x2630 or hoytr@newschool.edu.