Recent Updates: We're excited to begin the new academic year. More information about our health safety policies can be found on our COVID-19 Community Guide.

  • We look forward to resuming regular  teaching and learning in 2022-2023. Our classroom, health and safety protocols and teaching guidance address safety concerns and support plans to minimize risks posed by COVID-19 at the university. While we continue to closely follow guidelines from the City and State of New York, we are confident of our return to robust in-person experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

    Some important community standards remain in place following changes brought on by COVID-19:

    • All university community members are encouraged to stay home if they feel unwell.
    • The fall semester begins with a brief entry period starting on Monday, August 15 and tentatively ending on Sunday, September 18. During this time, students, faculty, and staff must:
      • Test regularly
      • Wear a mask in indoor instructional spaces
      • The Voluntary Maskless Practice program at the College of Performing Arts will be available during this time.
    • Those who are up-to-date with vaccinations (>99% of our community) will always have building access, regardless of when they test. No red badge for late tests!
      • Those who have approved exemptions continue to be required to test every 4 days to maintain building access.
    • Community members who test positive for COVID, regardless of whether they feel ill, should follow current guidance regarding isolation and notification.
    • Community members are encouraged to wear masks in all indoor spaces and are required to do so in accordance with university guidelines in such areas as classrooms and other instructional spaces.

    In-person teaching guidance gives a brief overview on issues of student absence and attendance and intentional course design with links to additional resources.

    To support faculty in preparation for the 2022-2023 academic year, The Faculty Center has updated the Guide to Teaching and Learning website with specific information and guidance for this year:

    • Beginning of Semester planning includes links to relevant guidance on teaching approaches and exercises to support in-person learning, including trauma-informed practices to support students’ mental and emotional well-being, and suggestions on grading, attendance and participation.
      • Intentional Course Design offers suggestions for how to plan for various eventualities, including should mask-wearing become optional in classrooms.
      • Masks and Communication includes a video tutorial, which can be shared with students, suggestions for encouraging mask compliance and mask guidance.
      • Supporting Students Now includes suggested practices and interventions to help our new generation of students be successful, especially in light of the challenges they’ve experienced over the last few years.
      • General Guidance and Policies includes information on how to communicate to students, grading and participation, guest speakers and more.
    • New School Resources provides short videos and introductions to the variety of support services available to faculty and students, including Student Counseling Services, the University Learning Center, Libraries, and printing on campus.
    • And a reminder that faculty have a resource available to them through the Employee Assistance Program should you need assistance with counseling services, among other support services offered.

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