• In the event of a widespread disruption or emergency situation The New School's Emergency Response Team will convene, coordinate, and mobilize the appropriate response and disseminate information and directives to the university community. The university will generally try to follow its internal chain of command. On occasion police, fire, or other authorities will take command of our facilities in the interest of public safety.

    Specific Scenarios


    The most common and most likely situations that will affect The New School and its surrounding environs will be weather-related events. During major weather events such as blizzards and hurricanes, we act under the guidance of the City of New York.

    Transit Strike

    In the event of a public transportation stoppage, The New School will provide alternate transportation for students - such as contracted private bus service - to ensure the uninterrupted schedule of classes and activities.

    Power Blackout

    Students and other members of The New School community will be instructed by university Administration, Security and Housing personnel on the proper procedures to follow. Limited electrical generator capabilities are available at Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street. In the event that phone service is also disrupted, information will be disseminated to all members of the university - in dorms, classrooms, and administrative buildings - via an organized chain of "in-person" public announcements, with students and others directed to assemble in central locations to receive updates.

    Terror Threat or Activity

    The New School's emergency response procedures were put to the test by the events of September 11, 2001, and they succeeded. Much was learned, as well, to improve our systems even further. Procedures and policies - many of which are available on this site - have been developed to improve communication response.

  • Download the Campus Safety App

    The Campus Safety App is an essential tool to enhance your safety at The New School. It will provide instant access to campus safety resources. Campus Safety is the official mobile safety app of The New School. 

  • Emergency Phone Numbers

    Life-Threatening Emergency

    Campus Safety (24 Hour)

    Student Medical Services
    212.229.1671, option 2

    Student Counseling Services
    212.229.1671, option 1

    Campus Safety Director

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