• Campus Preparedness

    The New School’s Emergency Management plan establishes the policies, procedures, and organizational structure to respond to, control, and recover from disruptions and emergency situations in every realm of campus life and operations.

    Specific Scenarios

    Residence Hall Use

    Resident Advisors and Residence Hall Directors have detailed procedures for handling any and all situations that might involve disruption or danger in university residence buildings.  Students will be guided by housing staff in the event of an emergency.  If any housing unit becomes uninhabitable, students can be moved to other dormitories or to hotel rooms in the area.  Food services can be adjusted to accommodate increased need.

    Classroom Use

    Room-scheduling software allows pinpointing the use of every classroom at each time of the day.  Thus The New School has the ability to adjust to problems in one building by quickly finding space in other facilities.  Also, through good relationships with nearby colleges and schools, The New School can arrange for use of off-campus facilities if needed to achieve an uninterrupted schedule of classes.  Our computer network allows individuals to sign on and perform their work from almost any location.

    Major Power Loss

    In the event of a major, campus-wide outage, the university has emergency generator capabilities at Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street.  During a major power loss, information will be disseminated to all members of the community at all university housing, classrooms, and administrative offices via direct visits, informational posters, and any other means necessary.  Central locations, such as the List courtyard, will be announced as gathering points for further information.


    As long as phone service is available, the university’s 24-hour University Advisory Message can be accessed by calling 212-229-7008 for news and the status of any interruption of the status quo on campus.  If Internet service is available, up-to-date information concerning any interruptions or changes in campus routine will be posted on www.newschool.edu.