Application Instructions

  • Thank you for your interest in the School of Jazz at The New School.


    • All applicants are required to apply online. Save your work frequently and print a copy for your records. You must complete all required fields and uploads prior to submission.
    • Any additional supporting documents that need to be sent by mail must include an Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF). All supporting materials must be received before your application can be reviewed.
    • See below for additional information regarding submission of transcripts and recommendations.

    Applicants applying to the BFA program should download the BFA Application instructions (PDF) and complete the BFA online application.

    Applicants applying to the BA/BFA Dual Degree program with Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts should download the Jazz BA/BFA Application instructions (PDF) and complete the BA/BFA online application through the Common Application.

    Required Application Materials

    A completed application consists of the following items:

    Explanations of Admission Requirements

    Application Fee

    A non-refundable $50 application fee is required as part of the online application.

    Official Transcripts

    All applicants must provide official high school and/or college transcripts. If you are currently in school, submit transcripts for all coursework taken to date. Applicants who have attended multiple high schools may submit only the graduating school’s official transcript as long as all prior coursework is reflected on that transcript.

    Transfer Applicants

    Transfer applicants who have completed fewer than 24 college credits (on a semester system) must submit high school transcript(s) in addition to college transcripts. Transfer students must complete at least two years of study in our program.

    By Mail

    Official transcripts should have an original signature or a raised university seal, and must be in a sealed envelope that has been signed or stamped by the issuing university’s registrar or records office. Applicants can either send official transcripts with an Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF) or request that institutions send transcripts directly to The New School. See “Mailing Address for Supplemental Application Materials” below for our mailing address.

    Electronic Transcripts (U.S./Domestic Institutions Only)

    The New School accepts electronic transcripts only from our approved vendors. The New School’s approved vendors in order of preference are

    • Parchment Exchange
    • Naviance by Hobsons
    • SCRIP-SAFE International
    • National Student Clearinghouse

    We do not accept electronic transcripts sent directly by a student or school offices. Note: All international academic credentials must be submitted as indicated in the International Academic Credentials sections below.

    High School Equivalency

    For GED, TASC, and HiSET, send official test score results by postal mail.

    Home Schooling

    Home school applicants must provide the equivalent of a high school transcript with course or subject titles, duration of study for each title, content of study for each tile, and an assessment of performance or “grade.” Preferably, the courses completed at home are part of a curriculum developed and evaluated by a nationally recognized diploma granting organization or agency. If not connected with such an organization, home school applicants must obtain and submit a GED as confirmation of completing a generally acceptable secondary school curriculum. If an official transcript from a state home school association or sponsoring public high school is not available, home school students must submit an equivalency or GED, TASC, or HiSET exam results. Individual home school transcripts with date of completion do not suffice as official proof of graduation.

    International Academic Credentials with Transfer Credits

    Applicants who attended post secondary institutions outside of the US are required to have their transcript(s) evaluated by World Education Services (WES), our preferred provider, or by another member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES). A course-by-course evaluation must be prepared for each transcript. In the absence of an evaluation, the Admissions Committee will do their best to render a decision. Please note, in some cases a review cannot be made without an evaluation and a committee decision will be delayed. If using WES, visit for instructions and to begin the application process. The “Required Documents” section will explain what to send. If you request your report online, search for “New School Jazz” for the BFA program and “New School Lang” for the BA/BFA Dual Degree program when selecting our institution. WES will send your completed evaluation directly to The New School. If using another NACES provider, follow instructions for that provider. Mailed evaluations and translations should be sent to the mailing address provided for supporting materials. Applicants forwarding these sealed documents should include an Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF).

    Two Letters of Recommendation

    Two letters of recommendation are required. One should be from a music teacher, and one from a counselor or academic teacher. Recommenders may submit recommendations online, and instructions are included with the online application. If preferred, the recommendation form may instead be sent by mail in a signed, sealed envelope. To send by mail, download the PDF recommendation form found in the online application, complete personal information, save the form, and forward to recommender for completion and submission. Applicants may also send signed and sealed recommendations to the Office of Admission using an Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF).


    We encourage all applicants to audition live, but understand that this may not be possible. Vocalists living in North America are required to attend a live audition. Applicants attending a live audition will receive scheduling instructions by email. The instructions will be sent after applying and after passing the pre-screen evaluation (if applicable). Visit auditions for complete instructions and submission deadlines.

    Test Scores

    SAT and ACT: Though SAT and ACT test scores are NOT required for admission, we will accept them as a supplementary credential. The BFA program institution codes are 6153 for the SAT and 2828 for the ACT. The BA/BFA dual-degree program institution codes are 2521 for the SAT and 2828 for the ACT. Home school applicants MUST submit standardized test scores from the either the SAT or ACT. Applicants may submit two standardized subject test results in lieu of the SAT.

    TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE: All applicants whose first language is not English must submit valid TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores.

    BFA Program

    • TOEFL institution code: 2572
    • TOEFL minimum score: 79
    • IELTS minimum score: 7.0
    • PTE minimum score: 53

    BA/BFA Dual Degree Program

    • TOEFL institution code: 2521
    • TOEFL minimum score: 100
    • IELTS minimum score: 7.0
    • PTE minimum score: 68

    Arrange for the testing service to send your test scores directly to The New School using the institution codes. We accept scores from tests taken within the past two years. If your scores are older, you must retake the test. For more information, visit the TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE websites. The TOEFL/IELTS/PTE requirement may be waived for applicants who have earned a 4-year degree from a U.S. College or University, or for citizens of the following countries whose native language is also English: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, or Common Wealth Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago).

    Personal Statement of Intent (BFA program applicants only)

    Applicants will submit their personal statement as a required portion of the Online Application. Your personal statement should be a minimum of one page in length and should be a response to the following prompt: “Describe your personal definition of success in today’s music scene, what you feel you will need to do to build a career, earn a living, and make a difference. Tell us how you feel The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music will help you achieve these goals.”

    Essays (BA/BFA dual-degree program applicants only)

    All applicants are required to submit two essays. Upload and attach these to your online application.
    Essay Question 1, Personal Statement: In an essay of approximately 500 words, describe your personal definition of success in today’s music scene and what you feel you will need to do to build a career, earn a living, and make a difference. Tell us how you feel The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music will help you achieve these goals.
    Essay Question 2, BA/BFA Essay: In an essay of approximately 250 words, discuss your reasons for pursuing the dual-degree program with Jazz and Eugene Lang College. Please include any information about your motivation that may not be immediately apparent from the review of your application, transcripts, or audition.

    Additional Information and Instructions

    Applying to More Than One Program

    In any given term, a student may apply to only ONE department or program within The New School. Applicants who file more than one application in a given semester will be required to withdraw one of the applications, and application fees will NOT be refunded.

    Application Materials

    All materials submitted in association with The New School application become the property of The New School and cannot be returned to you or transmitted to a third party.

    Advanced Level Credit

    AP, IB, and A-Level Courses: Accepted applicants will receive further instructions later in the process regarding AP, IB, and A-Level scores.

    Home School Applicants

    The New School welcomes applications from home schooled students. The Admission Committee does not require advanced preparation in every academic area, but applicants should demonstrate substantial work in English, history, social studies, foreign language, mathematics, and science.

    Mailing Address for Supplemental Application Materials

    An Application Materials Cover Sheet (PDF) must accompany all supplemental credentials. Mail to:

    Office of Admission
    School of Jazz at The New School
    79 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor
    New York, NY 10003

    Contact Admission

    To meet with an admission counselor, join a campus tour, or attend an information session, please visit the Welcome Center, located at 72 Fifth Avenue on the corner of 13th Street. The Welcome Center is your first stop for all in-person admission services.

    You can also contact the Office of Admission by phone at 212.229.5150 or by email at