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    All students applying for admission to the School of Jazz at The New School are required to audition. Auditions take place in February, March, and April for those seeking entry in the next fall semester and in November for those applying to enter in the next spring semester.

    Audition Options

    All applicants must audition live in New York, at one of our Regional Auditions, or by submitting an audition recording using Acceptd. We strongly encourage everyone to attend the live auditions, but we understand that not everyone is able to travel to New York or regionally to audition. Applicants must indicate their desired audition method on their Common Application. Note: All vocal applicants are required to audition live in New York or at one of our Regional Auditions.


    All applicants must submit a one-song pre-screen video recording. The video recording must be made with a live rhythm section using a drummer, bassist, and chordal instrument (typically guitar or piano). The song performed must be chosen from the pre-screen repertoire list provided by the Office of Admission.

    Final Audition Repertoire

    Prepare and perform three jazz standards.

    The standards performed must include one of each of the following:

    • An up-tempo tune
    • A ballad
    • A blues tune

    To read more about specific audition requirements, select the category from the menu to the left.

    Audition Evaluation

    All auditions (live and recorded) are judged on the following criteria:

    • Individual expression
    • Technique
    • Performance experience
    • Ability to phrase a melody, perform with a committed rhythmic feel, and improvise confidently with a rhythm section

    The audition is the primary evaluation tool for both acceptance to the BFA program and scholarship consideration. New School Jazz scholarships, all merit-based, are awarded at the time of admission and included in the letter of acceptance.

    Live Auditions

    Live auditions take place on campus at The New School in February, March, and April for fall semester admission and in November for spring semester admission. Audition dates are listed on the Application Instructions. After submitting their application, applicants will be sent a link to self-schedule their audition at an available date and time. When selecting their audition date and time, applicants should select the earliest time slot available on the chosen date to ensure that their time will not have to be moved to fit that particular day’s schedule.

    Applicants perform their live auditions with a rhythm section composed of current students. The audition review panel consists of New School faculty members.

    The audition room is set up with a full drum kit, piano, bass amp, guitar amp, or vocal PA system, as needed. Applicants are required to bring their own instruments (except drums, piano, and acoustic bass applicants), music, instrument cables, and any additional equipment they need to perform.

    Applicants arriving more than 30 minutes before their audition will be given a 15-minute warmup period prior to the audition.

    Bass applicants may audition on a New School instrument provided they reserve it in advance. Applicants may reserve an instrument via email once they have confirmed their audition time.

    Drum applicants must audition using the drum kit provided by The New School and are not allowed to use their own cymbals.

    Recorded Auditions

    Applicants submitting an audition recording must use Acceptd. The service fee is $25.

    All audition recordings must be made with a live rhythm section. Recordings done with pre-recorded accompaniment will not be accepted. While the audio of audition recordings should be high quality, we do not require applicants to record their auditions in a professional studio. All audition recording files must be clearly labeled with the applicant's name, the instrument, and the title of each track.

    Audition recordings must be received at the Office of Admission by the dates indicated on the Application Instructions.