• At its inception over three decades ago, the School of Jazz at the New School broke new ground as the first jazz-specific conservatory in the world. Today we continue to push the boundaries of music education as the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Our Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum challenges young musicians to master their craft, while encouraging them to explore, experiment and develop their own voice. Immersed in jazz, blues and popular music of the last 100 years, our students are also nurtured as innovators and entrepreneurs, prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving creative landscape.

    Choice is the hallmark of a New School Jazz and Contemporary Music education. Our students choose their teachers from a remarkable roster of artist-mentors, excited to share knowledge and expertise acquired on their own musical journeys and to support the next generation of musicians. Students also elect from an astounding array of ensembles, which they then help to shape, filling each semester with unique performance experiences. While at The New School, they perform - but not only that: they compose, collaborate, improvise and learn to lead, in an environment fostering visionary leadership through art, imagination, creativity and responsibility.

    Our university, The New School, is a vibrant urban forum for students of all ages and backgrounds. Combining performing arts and design with social policy and the humanities, The New School nurtures interdisciplinarity and educates students to make a difference in their world. Beyond the campus perimeter, all of New York becomes a classroom. The odds are excellent that if you’re hearing music in New York, someone involved bears a relationship to the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Our students engage directly with the city’s diverse creative culture, absorbing rich influences while making foundational steps as working professionals.

    At the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School, we are dedicated to being the strongest voice for the future of music. Our program offers students rigorous technical training along with the freedom to create their own place within that future.

    Keller Coker, Dean

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