• Parsons Paris

    Parsons Paris is The New School’s global campus located in the heart of Paris.

    Based in one of the most vibrant, creative cities in the world, the programs at Parsons Paris take full advantage of the city, offering extraordinary educational, cultural, and professional opportunities for a growing number of students who seek a range of experience in art, design, media, technology, and culture. Parsons Paris is now developing partnership agreements with a number of cultural institutions and schools to promote and share its philosophy and foster the development of design thinking and process. By maintaining a long-term presence in this energetic and creative city, Parsons Paris aspires to make an important contribution to and benefit from the interaction with the dynamic Paris art and design community.

    Visit the Parsons Paris website to learn about the campus, resources, student activities, recent events, and more.

    Study Abroad for New School Students

    Parsons Paris offers the following programs, which are open to New York-based students in particular majors:

    • Parsons BFA Fashion Design
    • Parsons BBA Design and Management
    • Parsons BFA Art, Media, and Technology

    To determine whether study abroad at Parsons Paris is an option for your major, visit the Parsons Paris mobility webpage.

    Study Abroad for Non-New School Students

    Non–New School students wishing to spend a semester or year at Parsons Paris can learn more about studying abroad at our Paris campus by visiting the Parsons Paris visiting students webpage.