• Global Peer Ambassadors

    The New School Study Abroad Global Ambassador program will connect students who have returned with students who are planning for study abroad. Global Ambassadors will be available to answer questions about what it’s like to live abroad in a specific host country.

    If you’re interested in becoming a Global Ambassador, email studyabroad@newschool.edu.

  • Ambassadors

    Roxanna Alvini

    • School: Lang
    • Major: Theater (Minor in Writing and Film Production)
    • Term(s) Abroad: Fall 2016, Summer 2017
    • Host School/Program: Fall 2016 - British American Dramatic Academy (via Sarah Lawrence College exchange). Summer 2017 - Edinburgh International Fringe Festival (Lang faculty-led program)
    • Host City/Country: Fall 2016 - London, England. Summer 2017 - Edinburgh, Scotland.  
    • Email Address: alvir298@newschool.edu

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    Well, first off, it was the best thing I've done in the entirety of my college career. Period. I got to experience both sides of living in a country for a few months, to living there for only a few weeks. When I was in London for four months I could actually, for the first time in my life, feel myself growing into a different person. It also helped me decide that I do want to go grad school. When I was in Scotland for two weeks it felt like a whirlwind experience, that in the end gave me an enriched knowledge of theater and art in general, in different forms. Besides where I studied I weny to other places in Europe, such as the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Italy. It’s honestly the best and most liberating feeling to not only get yourself across the Atlantic, but also to travel around by yourself. These experiences definitely helped me grow and become a more independent adult. I recommend it highly!

    Samantha Croney

    • School: Parsons
    • Major: Strategic Design and Management
    • Term(s) Abroad: Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017
    • Host School/Program: Parsons Paris (Spring 2016 and Spring 2017); European Innovation Academy (Summer 2017)
    • Host City/Country: Paris, France (Spring 2016 and Spring 2017); Cascais, Portugal (Summer 2017)
    • Email Address: crons213@newschool.edu

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    I learned more about different cultures, as well as more about myself, made new friends from the US and other countries all over the world, and explored places where I had never been.  

    Daniel De Boulay

    • School: Parsons & Lang (BAFA)
    • Major: Fine Arts / Global Studies (Minors: Art & Design History and Japanese) 
    • Term(s) Abroad: Summer 2017
    • Host School/Program: IES Abroad
    • Host City/Country: Tokyo, Japan
    • Email Address: debod793@newschool.edu  

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    I loved studying abroad because it boosted my language skills by a much larger margin than could have been achieved at home, while also allowing me to see amazing art and museums in the greater Tokyo area while making connections with both Japanese peers as well as Americans from all across the US whom I would have never had the chance to meet without this program.

    Sarah Jane McIntyre

    • School: Lang
    • Major: Global Studies
    • Term(s) Abroad: Spring 2017
    • Host School/Program: University of Amsterdam
    • Host City/Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Email Address: mcins228@newschool.edu

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    In spring 2017, I spent five ideal months falling in love with Amsterdam. I explored the city’s indie theaters, food co-ops, cafes, squats, galleries, vintage stores, community-run social spaces and music venues. I traversed Amsterdam’s charming cityscape under brutal weather patterns. I discovered the unique juxtaposition of eclectic underground cultures and graffiti-worn walls with chic concept stores and fine art galleries. I am nostalgic for afternoons where I rode my bike around, sketched the streets in my notebook and attended an excellent European university. I miss the gorgeously expansive Dutch sky and intimate connection I made with the city.  I would do anything to go back - for the beer and the cheer. Amsterdam is a city like no other.

    Mintallah Tahir

    • School: Parsons
    • Major: Fashion Design
    • Term(s) Abroad: Spring 2017 and Summer 2017
    • Host School/Program: Parsons Paris (Spring 2017); Hanyang University (Summer 2017) 
    • Host City/Country: Paris, France (Spring 2017); Ansan, South Korea (Summer 2017)
    • Email Address: tahim235@newschool.edu

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    Studying abroad was an experience that I truly loved. It gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in cultures and languages I was interested in learning more about. I met some of my closest friends while studying in Paris and Korea - where we shared so many memories, foods, and laughs. In Paris I was fortunate enough to be able to work alongside industry professionals for my classes, and in Korea we went on trips that were not only an amusing time but educating as well, such as the DMZ and Mud Festival, to name a few. Being able to travel to other cities outside of my host countries gave me firsthand experience about cross-culture and how similar some cultures can be. It was an enriching experience and time of my life that taught me new cultures, languages, and connections. I hope that I can help everyone with their study abroad journey and learn from their experiences.

    Laura Walton

    • School: Parsons / Lang (BAFA)
    • Major: Fashion Design / Global Studies (Minor: Hispanic Studies)
    • Term(s) Abroad: Summer 2017
    • Host School/Program: Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs International Field Program (IFP) 
    • Host City/Country: Havana, Cuba
    • Email Address: waltl281@newschool.edu

    Why I Loved Studying Abroad
    As a Dual Degree student at Parsons/Lang, I took the summer to rejuvenate and seek motivation. There was no lack of inspiration in Cuba, with the contagious happiness of the people, the bright colors of the landscape, and the rich history of the Revolution. Figures like Jose Marti, Camilo Cienfuegos, and Che Guevara were mentioned daily and their stories were a great reminder that age shouldn’t hinder action. I ventured abroad in pursuit of studying race demographics and its function in the Caribbean society. I was invited, as an undergraduate, to take part in the master’s program when my Disorder and Injustice professor proposed to me that race in Cuba operated differently. As someone born and raised in the American South, I took the opportunity to search for a different reality, and I found it. I was able to experience living in an alternate government structure for a prolonged period of time and learned an unprecedented amount of Spanish due to the immersion. I gained a sense of perspective and bonded with my classmates over an irreplaceable adventure that took place in a rich country for culture, Cuba. I gained resume experience and studied at the graduate level.