• Students

    We all experience stress. An important part of the college experience is learning how to manage your health and well-being and effectively advocate for your health-related needs. From time to time, you may face a challenging situation that requires help from others. Seeking support from the network of university resources is a sign of strength, one firmly supported by The New School’s faculty and staff.

    Helping and referring a friend

    Watching friends go through distressing experiences is difficult, especially when they are struggling with issues that seem beyond your ability to help. Fortunately, there are a number of resources at The New School to guide students facing such challenges. One of the best ways to help a friend during a difficult time is to familiarize yourself with these resources and encourage the friend to reach out to the appropriate office.

    Reporting sexual violence, intimate partner/domestic violence, sexual harassment, or stalking

    The New School is committed to providing a safe and inclusive educational environment that supports students’ health and well-being. In keeping with this commitment, abusive or intimidating behavior by and toward members of the university community will not be tolerated. If you or someone you know has experienced an incident of violence, or if you are wondering whether something you experienced was abusive, SSCM is available to talk to you about your questions and concerns and can be your first step in reporting an incident.

    Please note

    If you would like to speak confidentially with a member of the university staff trained in crisis response, contact Student Health Services.

    Health Leaves

    If you are struggling with a health issue that is interfering with your academic performance, you may be able to take a health-related leave of absence. Your academic advisor can help you through the process. Should you decide to take a health leave, a student support (ST) hold will be placed on your student account, which will prevent you from registering for classes until you complete the return process. SSCM will contact you at your official New School email address to give you details about how to return from a health leave immediately upon receiving your exit form. Please also take a moment to become familiar with the process below.

    Return from Health Leave

    When you are ready to return to The New School, you will need to notify the university in writing by emailing studentsupport@newschool.edu and including a brief explanation of the reason for your leave.

    You will also need to provide documentation from your health-care professional that demonstrates that you received appropriate treatment while on leave. The letter should be comprehensive and grant the university permission to obtain additional information as needed. The letter should be emailed to studentsupport@newschool.edu or faxed to 212.229.9217 and include the following:

    1. Dates of treatment and diagnosis
    2. Course of treatment and prognosis
    3. Ongoing treatment recommendations
    4. Statement of professional opinion that you are ready to return to the university

    Deadlines to request to return from a health leave are listed below. All paperwork must be submitted by these dates if students wish to be considered for a return in those semesters.

    Spring semesters: January 2

    Summer semesters: May 1

    Fall semesters: August 1