• Dining Plans

    The New School Dining program prides itself on serving chef-driven, diverse, and healthful food. Its mission is to provide farm-to-table real food that promotes the health of our students, community, and planet. You can learn more about our program by visiting the New School Dining website.

    All New School students have the opportunity to participate in a dining plan. All plans operate in a declining balance format. Each plan includes Dining Dollars, which can be spent in any on-campus dining venue. All such purchases are exempt from the 8.875 percent NYC sales tax—a real money saver!

    Each plan also includes Dining Dollars Plus funds, which can be spent both on campus and at off-campus merchant partners, giving you even more flexibility. A list of participating merchants can be found on the Off-Campus Merchant webpage.

    Please note that first-time freshmen living in student housing will have a mandatory dining plan for both semesters of their first year (two semesters). First-year students will be automatically enrolled in the Flex plan but may opt for the Fixed plan if they prefer. All other students in campus housing will also be automatically enrolled in the Flex plan but may elect to participate in any of the three dining plans or opt out of the dining plan program entirely.

    Three levels of plans are offered to fit your lifestyle on the New School campus. If you do not live in student housing, you can still enjoy the benefits of having a dining plan by simply opting in to one of the available packages.

    The plans are as follows:

    Plan Cost per Semester
    Fixed $1,850 ($1,650 Dining Dollars and $200 Dining Dollars Plus) Full-time, on-campus student and/or resident who prefers to eat primarily on campus
    Flex $1,300 ($1,050 Dining Dollars and $250 Dining Dollars Plus) Full-time or part-time student who wants to eat most often on campus but sometimes off campus as well
    Express $875 ($525 Dining Dollars and $350 Dining Dollars Plus) Part-time or commuting student who wants to dine with maximum flexibility

    Elect to opt in, participate in an alternate plan, or opt out entirely using the Change Your Dining Plan option located in your MyNewSchool Services tab.

    The deadline for making changes to your dining plan selection is February 5, 2019. You are limited to one change or election per semester. Dining plan selection is applicable to the current semester only. An election or change must be submitted at the beginning of each semester.

    Any money left in your Dining Dollars and Dining Dollars Plus accounts at the end of the fall semester will roll forward to the spring semester, but balances remaining at the end of the spring semester are forfeited.

    Questions about payment of fees and refunds should be submitted to Student Financial Services.