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  • Confidentiality

    Self-Identification Forms and medical documentation are kept on file in the office of Student Disability Services. Access to these files is strictly limited. Specific information on a student's disability will only be shared with the student's written permission and/or on a need-to-know basis. This information does not become part of a student's transcript or permanent record.

    Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

    The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) greatly limits the amount of information that Student Disability Services can share with you as to the release of specific information about your son or daughter. Student Disability Services will not be able to tell you such things as whether or not your son or daughter came in for an appointment, requested a specific accommodation, or obtained an Academic Adjustment Notice to provide to instructors. The only way this information can be shared is if your son or daughter specifically fills out and signs a Release of Information Form. This form must be completed in the presence of a Student Disability Services staff member and signed by both the staff member and the student. Your son or daughter has the right to nullify this form at any point simply by providing such a request in writing. Even with this signed form on file, Student Disability Services strongly discourages parents from taking on the responsibility of the student in obtaining services and problem solving.