• Graduation

    The New School confers degrees three times a year, in January, May, and August. To be eligible to graduate, you must complete all the requirements for your specific degree.

    Graduation Requirements

  • Academic Requirements

    You need to complete all degree requirements, as specified in the academic catalog of your school, before your planned graduation date in order for your degree to be conferred. In addition, to receive an undergraduate degree, students must complete all requirements with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. To receive a graduate degree, students must attain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Some doctoral programs require a cumulative GPA higher than 3.0.

    Review Your Academic Progress in DegreeWorks

    DegreeWorks is an online tool that shows you which degree requirements you have completed and which remain to be done. You can find the link to DegreeWorks in my.newschool.edu under the Student tab. To learn more, take the DegreeWorks Tutorial.

    Petitioning to Graduate

    As of Spring 2015, the Registrar's Office no longer requires a graduation petition from degree students. Instead, graduation candidates are identified by their advisor after the add/drop period for the term has ended. Students who have been identified as being on track to complete their requirements by the end of the term will be contacted by the Registrar's Office at their New School email address with additional information about the degree audit timeline, diplomas and commencement around the following dates:

    • March 20 for Spring candidates
    • August 1 for Summer candidates
    • October 20 for Fall candidates     

    Noncredit certificate students are still required to submit a petition. Download the Certificate Petition Form (PDF) and please submit it prior to the end of the semester.

    Graduate Degree Completion Term Limits

    If you are pursuing a graduate degree, you should complete your requirements within these time limits:

    • Master's degrees: five years
    • Doctor of Philosophy
      • Milano School: eight years
      • The New School for Social Research (except Clinical Psychology): ten years
      • Clinical Psychology: 12 years

    If you do not complete your program within the time limit, you must request and receive an extension in order to register again. An extension of the time petition should be filed with your department chair. Your petition should specify the degree requirements you have completed so far and propose a specific plan for completing the remaining work. If your petition is approved, you will then need to complete all remaining degree requirements by the date approved; otherwise, you will be dismissed from the program. If the extension of time is not approved, you will be dismissed from the program immediately.

    Graduation Honors

    Academic honors are awarded to graduates who meet the following criteria:

    • Bachelor's degree: 3.7 cumulative GPA and completion of at least 60 credits in residence
    • Associate's degree: 3.7 cumulative GPA and completion of at least 34 credits in residence

    Academic honors are noted on diplomas and transcripts. For graduates from Parsons and Lang, departmental honors are also noted on diplomas and transcripts.

    Academic honors are awarded only to recipients of undergraduate degrees.


    Diplomas are mailed by March 20 for Fall graduates, July 31 for Spring graduates, and October 15 for Summer graduates. International students should allow an additional four to six weeks for delivery.

    Keep Your Official Mailing Address Up to Date

    If you are planning to graduate, please update your official mailing address in my.newschool.edu by the deadline: February 20 for Fall graduates; July 1 for Spring graduates; September 15 for Summer graduates.

    Replacement Diplomas

    If you have lost your original diploma and need a replacement, complete the form for a  Replacement Diploma and Certificate (PDF). Replacement diplomas are noted as "Reissued."   If you wish to have your diploma sent by FedEx, we can do so at your expense through our express mail service eShipGlobal. To request this service, please  contact us.


    Diplomas will not be issued to persons with holds on their record. Holds must be cleared before a diploma can be released. To view your holds, click here. Please contact the office that has placed the hold to resolve it.