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  • This certificate program develops your understanding of spatial and structural design through two- and three-dimensional drawing and sketching, hand drafting, and computer modeling. Students build foundational skills in interior design concepts ranging from spatial relationships and circulation to client psychology.

    Students typically complete this certificate in 18 months.

    • Format Online
    • Price $7,480
    • Total Courses 8
    • Course Length 6–9 weeks

  • Courses 

    Basic Interior Space Planning

    In session dedicated to color, scale and proportion, lighting, furniture arrangement, floor and wall treatments, and client psychology, you conceptualize and plan creative solutions for interior spaces.

    Basic Drafting

    This course, an introduction to the preparation of architectural drawings, covers the identification and use of drafting equipment, drafting in scale, basic lettering, line weights, and standard notation conventions.

    Color Theory

    Discover color and its implications for designers and artists, such as the use of color to solve spatial problems. This course also examines color qualities, color harmony, and the way colors interact.

    Drawing Interiors: Perspective 

    Drawing and two-dimensional media are means of observing, documenting, and reimagining interior spaces. This course teaches these mechanics of visual representation, with an emphasis on plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives.

    We recommend taking electives before the following two courses.

    Commercial Interior Design

    Students experience the design process for a commercial project in a studio environment. By developing a concept into a coherent interior space, they learn to weigh the impact of different layouts, finishes, lighting, and furniture.

    Residential Interior Design

    Explore the design problems and processes that characterize a residential interiors practice. Propose solutions for window, ceiling, doorway, floor, and wall treatments,  and master the drafting techniques best suited to presentations.

    Two Electives

    Electives that fulfill certificate requirements include Rhino 1, SketchUp, AutoCAD 1.

  • “Our teachers encouraged us to explore design thinking and work out projects on a conceptual level.”

    — Jennifer Levy, Interior Design Certificate program alumna

  • Program Highlights

    Who Should Enroll

    • Creative professionals developing skills that can be applied to space planning or decorative arts
    • Architects who want to expand their portfolio to include interior space planning

    What You’ll Gain

    • An understanding of the effects of color, texture, and materials in interiors
    • Proficiency in hand drafting formal drawings that include floor plans, elevations, and reflected ceiling plans  
    • In-depth knowledge of the core design elements of scale, proportion, balance, and ambience
    • The ability to use the industry software tools Rhino and AutoCAD
    • An understanding of trade information and project sequencing

    How You’ll Learn

    • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
    • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
    • Online collaboration in small classes, supported by video conferencing 
    • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills and portfolio assets
    • Flexibility to review course content and complete assignments at any time
  • Why The New School?

    The professional landscape as we’ve known it has changed dramatically, and ongoing learning is more important now than ever before. At The New School, we champion every student’s creativity and growth. By combining integrated disciplines with collaborative problem solving, we deliver an immersive, transformative learning experience. With the leadership of Parsons School of Design—a globally top-ranked design school—our faculty imparts the critical expertise students need to advance their careers or pivot to a new one in a constantly evolving world.

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