• Thomas Bosket

    Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

    Office Location:

    Sheila Johnson Design Center


    Thomas Bosket studied painting at Parsons School of Design and received his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1995. As an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of General Studio and Graphic Design in the AAS program at Parsons School of Design he has developed the Color Theory and Drawing curricula toward a more socially oriented education model. Thomas is showing his paintings nationally at various galleries and arts organizations, including the ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art. He attended the Playa artists residency in 2012 and was filmed for the PBS series Off Book’s “The Effect of Color segment. He is particularly proud of a student nominated award: Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year at Parsons in 2002. He specializes in raw materials, anatomy and color usage for artists and designers and is available for consultation and workshops. Thomas Bosket teaches at Parsons and has taught workshops on: ColorBots (color theory taught through basic robotics), Exploring Perception Through Interpretation (an interactive drawing exploration), and a wide range of historical paintings techniques covering materials from the Ancient Egyptian to tomorrow. Additionally he teaches workshops with a focus on fundamental aspects of perception; how we sense our world and thereby interact with and create from its wonders. These workshops are beneficial to any life learner.

    Research Interests:

    color theory, drawing, materials, painting