• Salvatore Cesarani


    CESARANI - Captivatingly Cinematic

    Sal, who is also known as "New York's Dean of Good Taste”, is the quintessential sartorialist, dedicating his career to all things relating to the quality of men’s and women’s dress. He is particularly well known for his taste in pattern, and for juxtaposing pattern on pattern. DNR Magazine said, “(Sal’s) signature is evident in the way he perfectly coordinates his outfits… His clothes have a cinematic quality that draws attention to every pattern and color.“ His classic American sense of color, combined with his appreciation for fine European tailoring, has created collections of clothes for both men and women that endure the test of time.

    Current Courses:

    Fabric Selection/Design Style (Open Campus)

    Fabric Selection/Design Style (Fall 2018)

    Fabric Selection/Design Style (Open Campus)

    Fashion IND: Design

    Fashion IND: Design (Fall 2018)