• Profile:

    PJ Carlino  is a designer, design educator and design historian. His work decodes the history embedded in industrially produced products with a particular focus on the vernacular object and the intersection of production and consumption. His dissertation, Docile by design: Commercial Furniture and the Education of American bodies, 1840-1920 investigates how manufacturers instrumentalized commercial furniture intended to teach postures, behaviors, and interactions suited to competencies expected of occupants as compliant citizens and industrious workers. 

    He has taught Product Design Courses including Capstone Studio, Prototyping, and Technical Drawing and Rendering, Materials and Manufacturing methods, as well as Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing and Watercolor Techniques. He has been active in design pedagogy and design school administration at several institutions.


    Degrees Held:

    PhD candidate at Boston University in American and New England Studies

    MA,  History of Design

    BFA, Product Design

    BA in Chemistry



    Professional Affiliations:

    Vernacular Architecture Forum

    American Studies Association

    Decorative Arts Trust

    Design History Society

    Industrial Design Society of America

    Research Interests:

    design history,fabrication,materials,product design,sustainable design,American Hisotry, industrialization

    Current Courses:

    Design Studio 4