• Petya Andreeva

    Assistant Professor of Asian Art and Design History


    Petya Andreeva received her Ph.D from the East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently working on her upcoming book entitled Conpcetualizing Composites: Animal Style as Visual Rhetoric in North China and Central Eurasia. Her book is based on her dissertation, Fantastic Beasts of the Eurasian Steppes: Toward a Revisionist Approach to Animal-Style Art, which received interntional recognition in the Best Humanities Dissertation category at International Convention for Asia Scholars in 2018. Her work has appeared in journals such as Orientations, Archaeological Research in Asia, Sino-Platonic Papers, National Museum of Korea Press, and the edited volume Fashion through History: Costumes, Symbols and Communication. Professor Andreeva has broad research interests which span from early Chinese funerary art to modern-day textile production in Mongolia and Inner Asia. She is particularly interested in the intersection between material culture and collective memory in non-sedentary communities along the borders of sedentary empires as well as the diffusion paths of ornament in the ancient world. Dr. Andreeva was previously appointed Assistant Professor of Asian Art in Oakland University, Michigan. 

    Degrees Held:

    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

    BA, Colby College

    Professional Affiliations:

    College Art Association (CAA)

    Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

    Association for Slavic, East Eurooean and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES)

    Early China Roundtable 

    Research Interests:

    Early and Medieval Chinese art, Inner Asian archaeology, Silk Road Visual Narratives, Nomadic cultures, Modern and Contemporary Art in Central Asia, Soviet Visual Culture

    Awards And Honors:


    International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS): Best Dissertation in the Humanities, Specialist Accolade

    National Museum of Korea Museum Network Award

    Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, Dissertation Research Award

    National Museum of Korea Summer Fellowship

    Archaeology Field Fund, University of Pennsylvania Museum 

    Pnnefield Fellowship for Dissertation Research, University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees

    Josephine DeKarman Fellowship (deferred due to acceptance of job offer)



    Current Courses:

    ARS: Visual Culture (Fall 2019)

    East Asian Visual Culture

    East Asian Visual Culture

    Objects as History

    Objects as History (Fall 2019)