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    Nancy Klein has a solid background in International Marketing and Brand Management.Following her graduation from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, Ms. Klein started her career at NW Ayer, the NYC based ad agency for DeBeers, where she developed a passion for the jewelry industry, while simultaniously attending the Gemological Institute of America.Ten years into her career Ms. Klein launched Antica Design, Inc. her own designer jewelry brand, she sold, marketed and promoted merchandised collections to retailers around the country. Five years after starting her business, she was robbed at gun point, and had to close her doors. She ultimately decided to narrow her focus and concentrate on what she believes drives all successful businesses...Marketing and Branding.Ms. Klein's client based business targets companies looking to: narrow their focus, develop a new brand and/or re-launch a tired brand. Today, Ms. Klein is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Branding at Parsons The New School for Design in NYC which keeps her focused, motivated and ahead of the trends; "My students are brilliant! I not only educate them, but they teach me, which continues to be an invaluable experience!"In addition to teaching at Parsons, working with luxury brands and managing, her real estate business; Ms. Klein may also be seen on television. She sells The Silver Trend Project, Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry on HSN and A trademarked collection that she passionately created, developed, designed and produced. Nancy also sells her First Lady's Jewelry Collection on

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    advertising,branding,entrepreneurship,fashion marketing,marketing

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    Marketing 2: Branding