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    Erin Cho


    Erin Cho is a Full Professor of Strategic Design Management at the School of Design Strategies at Parsons.

    Professor Cho is a highly regarded scholar whose research is situated in the intersections between social science, design, and technology in the areas of branding, e-commerce and digital innovation, strategic design management, and entrepreneurship. Throughout her career, she has amassed a prolific dossier of academic research alongside an extensive record of corporate consulting work. Among the most significant national and international journals, her research has been published in Computers in Human Behavior, International Journal of Design, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs, International Marketing Review, Information and Management, and many others. She has also been active in funding and consulting projects, such as A.C. Neilson Research Fund, Center of International Business Education and Research, the National Science Foundation of Korea, the Filene Research Institute, and the Design and Social Science Research Fund to name a few.

    Many noted academic and industry associations have invited Professor Cho to deliver keynote addresses including Adobe Max, the Digital Leaders’ Forum, Tsinghua University Executive Education Alumni Conference, the Sensory and Neuromarketing Conference, the Design and Management Society, and so on. Professor Cho's work has been widely adopted by companies in organizing innovation teams and projects as well. In Asia, in particular, she has given numerous executive seminars and training courses to such global corporations as Metersbonwe Group, Samsung’s President Group, Samsung Telecom, Samsung Everland, LG Telecom, LG President Group, KIA, Hyundai Motor, GM, etc. She has also led innovation task forces and the training for Samsung Digital Services, SK Telecom, LG Beauty & Life Science, etc.

    She is a recipient of the University’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2009, the most significant lifetime teaching award at New School. She has served as Executive director of executive education at the New School and has a wide range of entrepreneur experiences. She was an inaugural recipient of the Incubator venture funding from The New School University and is also currently serving on the innovation advisory committee of the National Retail Federation (NRF), one of the largest trade organizations in the world. In addition, she is an advisory board member of Unicorn Nest, vice president of the association of design and brand strategies, an advisor of XRC lab and Emotional Engineering lab.

    She received her B.A. and M.A. from Seoul National University in Korea and finished her Ph.D. degree in 1998 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before joining Parsons, she was faculty at Washington State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and taught at Columbia University. She was also a visiting professor at the Business School at Seoul National University and a visiting scholar at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

    Recent Publications


    Selected Publications in SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) of Top-Subject-Field Journals

    (for the complete list of publications including those published in Scopus and other peer-reviewed journals, please refer to her CV) 

    Lee, B. & Cho, E. (2022), The Relative Effects of Trust and Distrust on Information Acceptance from Mobile Word-of-Mouth and the Moderating Role of Event Significance and Aggregate Preference, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (forthcoming) 

    Yoon, J. & Cho, E. (Forthcoming 2022), Effectuation (EF) and causation (CS) on venture performance and entrepreneurs’ dispositions affecting the reliance on EF and CS, Entrepreneurship Research Journal.

    Kim, B & Cho, E. (2022), Effects of Self-Congruence, Self-Enhancement, and delight on Tourists’ Patronage Intentions, and Moderating Roles of Personality Propensities, International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration (forthcoming)

    Song, H. & Cho, E. (2020), Motivation and Evaluation Criteria Influencing Consumer Experience of One-Person Media, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Vol 36 (5), 1942-1952.

    Ki, C., Cho, E., & Lee, J. (2020), Can an intelligent personal assistant (IPA) be your friend? Para-friendship development mechanism between IPAs and their users, Computers in Human Behavior, Vol 111, October, 106412

    Kim, H.Y., Lee, Y., Cho, E., & Jung, Y.J., (2020), Digital atmosphere of fashion retail stores, Fashion and Textile, Vol 7, 1-17

    Choi, O. & Cho, E. (2019b). The mechanism of trust affecting collaboration in virtual teams and the moderating roles of the culture of autonomy and task complexity, Computers in Human Behavior (SSCI), 91, 305-315.

    Cho, E. Ki, C., & Kim, Y. (2019a). Ethnic-Inspired Design Consumption As a Means of Enhancing Self-View Confidence, Social Behavior and Personality (SSCI), 47(1), 1-12.

    Cho, E., Lee, J., & Lee, Y. (2017b). Corporate Philanthropy Affecting Consumer Patronage Behavior: The Effect of Reciprocity and the Moderating Roles of Vicarious Licensing and Strategic Fit, Sustainability (SSCI), 9 (June), 1-15.

    Song, S., Cho, E., & Kim, Y. (2017a). Personality Factors and Flow Affecting Opinion Leadership in Social Media, Personality and Individual Differences (SSCI), Vol 114 (August), 16-23.

    Yoon, S. & Cho, E. (2016). Convergence Adoption Model (CAM) in the Context of Smart Car Service, Computers in Human Behavior (SSCI), Vol 60 (July), 500-507.

    Cho, E., Gupta, S., & Kim, Y. (2015a), Style Consumption: Its Drivers and Role in Sustainable Apparel Consumption, International Journal of Consumer Studies (SSCI), 39 (6, November), 661-669.

    Colucci, C. & Cho, E. (2014e), Trust Inducing Factors of Generation Y Blog-Users, International Journal of Design (SSCI), 8 (3, December), 113-122

    Koo, W., Cho, E., & Kim, Y (2014d), Actual and Ideal Self-Congruity Affecting Consumers' Emotional and Behavioral Responses Toward an Online Store, Computers in Human Behavior (SSCI), 36 (July), 147-153.

    Min, B., Cho, K., Sung, J., & Cho, E. (2014c), Neurophysiological Evidence for the Country-of-Origin Effect: An Event-Related Potential Study, NeuroReport (SCI), 25(4, March), 274-278.

    Cho, E. & Kim, Y. (2012d), The Effect of Website Designs, Self-Congruity, and Flow on Behavioral Intention, International Journal of Design (SSCI), 6(2, August), 31-39.

    Tokatli, N, Kizilgun, O. & Cho, E. (2011b). The Clothing Industry in Istanbul in the Era of Globalization and Fast Fashion, Urban Studies (SSCI), 48 (6 July), 1201-1215.

    Che, Y. & Cho, E. (2011a). Brave New World of Market Design, Korean Economic Review (SSCI), 27 (1 Summer), 33-56.

    Cho, E., & Hu, H. (2009c). The Effect of Service Quality on Trust and Commitment Varying Across Generations, International Journal of Consumer Studies (SSCI), 33 (4 April), 468-476.

    Cho, E. (2009b). When Does It Make Sense for U.S. Retailers to Opt For Backward Integration for Global Sourcing. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (SSCI), 37 (3 March), 271-285.

    Cho, E. (2006c). The Mechanism of Trust and Distrust Forming and Their Relational Outcomes, Journal of retailing (SSCI), 82 (1 March), 25-35.

    Cho, E. & Lee, J. (2006b). An Integrated Model of Risk and Risk Reducing Strategies, Journal of Business Research (SSCI), 59 (1 January), 112-120.

    Lee, J., & Cho, E. (2005). Consumers’ Use of Information Intermediaries and the Impact on Their Information Search Behavior in the Financial Market, Journal of Consumer Affair (SSCI), 39 (1 March), 95-121.

    Cho, E. (2004). Intention to Abort an Online Transaction: Influences from Cognitive Evaluations, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Variables, Information and Management (SSCI), 41 (7 July), 827-838.

    Cho, E., & Kang, J. (2001). Global Sourcing in Retailing: Benefits and Obstacles Perceived by U.S. Apparel Retail Firms, International Marketing Review (SSCI), 18 (5 May), 542-561.

    Selected Publications in Korean

    Book: Cho (2013), "아웃런 -- Outrun with Design-Led Strategy", Hankyung Business Pulishing, Seoul Korea

    Cho, E. (2013), Healing Marketing (당신이 행복해 질때 우리가 발전합니다: 힐링 마케팅), Donga Business Review, 130 (1), 54-60.

    Cho, E. (2013), Meaningful Simplicity (마이너스통찰력: 좋은 디자인은 단순하다), Donga Business Review, 126 (1), 62-68.

    Cho, E. & Han, J. (2012), Managerial Implications of Open Source Innovation, Journal of Professional Management, 15 (2), 139-155.

    Cho, E. (2012), Critical Dimensions in Design Patent Litigation (둘이 닮은것 같아 이렇게 느끼면 디자인 침해?), Donga Business Review, 116 (1), 56-60.

    Cho, E. (2012), Design Thinking for Managers (창의적으로 움직이는 모든 CEO가 디자인 씽커), Donga Business Review, 111(2), 102-104.


    Research Interests

    E-commerce, Digital Innovation, and Technology Adoption

    Strategic Design Management, Branding, and Consumer Behavior


    Retailing and Supply Chain Management


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