• Profile:

    Darcy Miro has always followed an independent course as a metals artist.  Her work has straddled the line between fashion, sculpture, jewelry and functional objects, finding in the relationships fertile ground for exploration.  Darcy has shown in spaces and galleries around the world- Rome, Melbourne, Paris, Beirut, as well as many notable contemporary jewelry galleries in the states.  She does not operate within any boundaries or conventional boxes.  Miro says there is nothing established that cannot endure some evolution.  The process is her medium.  She explores each step to create parts that are combined and collaged creating one unified whole.  Currently working on several site specific projects including a large wall installation for a hotel in Oahu Hawaii,  tabletop pieces for a house on fisher Island and a collaborative fashion/wall installation in Tokyo, Miro is busy making works large and small.  Her projects and pieces have been documented in many books and magazines ranging from W to Metalsmith.

    Degrees Held:

    Bachelor of fine arts from Rhode Island School of Design

    Research Interests:

    animals, insects, reptiles, botany, erosion, sustainability, recycling, ecosystems, skeletons, micro-organisms, topography