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    Fashion is more than the celebrity and glamour seen in main stream media, it is a business that grows more unique and complex each year. Amanda Monteiro uses her diverse experience in retail and merchandising across luxury, designer and contemporary fashion to give students a wholistic view of this ever-changing industry. Amanda strives to promote critical and creative thinking in each class she teaches in order to prepare the next generation of fashion business leaders.

    Degrees Held:

    Having studied Costume Design at Emerson College, Amanda became fascinated with fashion and the social and cultural impact clothing has in society. Through her studies she learned the design skills of draping, drafting and construction, leading her to first work in a costume production shop as a seamstress and first hand. Her passion for garment construction eventually evolved into a desire to explore opportunities in fashion business. Her first role as an assistant buyer  in NY ultimately started her successful career in NY fashion. Today she is the GMM and Head of Retail for Helmut Lang.