• Sarah Lichtman

    Assistant Professor of Design History


    Sarah Lichtman specializes in design histoy and material culture. Her areas of interest include the Cold War, design and youth culture, gender and design, Scandinavian design and popular culture. Her articles and reviews have appeared in numerous journals including: The Journal of Design History, Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture, and West 86th. Sarah is presently working on a project examining the material culture of youth in the postwar United States.

    Research Interests:

    art history,cultural studies,design criticism,design history,visual culture studies, popular culture

    Current Courses:

    Survey of Design & Dec Arts 2

    Independent Study

    Independent Study

    IS: Thesis 1

    IS: Thesis 2

    IS: MA Exam

    IS: Curatorial Capstone 1


    Internship 2

    Special Studies


    Maintaining Status

    Design and Language

    French Furniture

    History of Des: 1850-Pres Lec