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  • Are machines taking over the creative industry? Is there a way to use this technology in our creative practice and organizations? In this certificate program, you explore what it means to be a creative professional and to lead an organization in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). You gain a basic understanding of AI and learn how to apply it in creative environments. You learn how to critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating AI into creative work and organizations and examine case studies that demonstrate ways to apply AI in strategic situations and workflows. You also master the skills needed for staying up-to-date on and assessing AI tools, which enable you to make informed decisions about how to integrate AI into your practice. 

    The courses in this certificate program cover topics including machine learning, computational creativity, new media, AI ethics, creative team dynamics, self-governance, organizational strategies, and innovation. You leave the program equipped to evaluate AI tools and apply them effectively in your work or business. No technical background is required for this program.  

    • Format Online
    • Price $1,760
    • Total Courses 2
    • Course Length 8 weeks
  • Courses 

    AI Concepts and Applications for Creatives

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground in creative fields ranging from illustration to copywriting. In this course, you learn what it means to be a creative professional in the age of AI. You master basic AI concepts like expert systems and machine learning and gain hands-on experience using AI in a variety of creative endeavors. You acquire critical perspectives on the limitations of and opportunities offered by AI, learn to stay up-to-date on AI developments, assess new tools in the ever-changing technological landscape, and make informed decisions about incorporating AI into your creative career. You leave the course ready to apply AI tools effectively in your work or business. Topics covered in the course include machine learning, computational creativity, design research, new media, artistic research, and AI ethics. No technical background is required for this course. 

    Harnessing AI in Creative Organizations

    How do you stay up-to-date with the constant influx of new artificial intelligence (AI) applications said to be capable of revolutionizing work processes? How should you engage with colleagues who are apprehensive about adopting new AI tools? In this course, you explore the challenges and opportunities that come with leading a creative organization in today's evolving business and technology landscape. You explore workflows incorporating AI methods and apply what you learn to your own projects, gaining practical experience and a solid understanding of how to use AI effectively. You also examine case studies that demonstrate how to communicate creative value using AI and explore organizational strategies for promoting a positive learning environment by adopting new technologies. Topics covered include creative team dynamics, AI-enabled business strategies, self-governance, organizational strategies, and innovation. Students should take AI Concepts and Applications for Creatives before taking this course.

  • “Instead of approaching [the topic of AI] with fear and apprehension, I believe that we have the tools to understand how this field will be developed.”

    —Jeongki Lim, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management

  • Program Highlights

    Who Should Enroll

    • People with creative backgrounds who are interested in artificial intelligence but lack an understanding of the technology  
    • People interested in applying artificial intelligence in their creative practice and organizations
    • Current or aspiring leaders working in a creative industry or those seeking to join a creative organization in the future

    What You’ll Gain

    • Knowledge of key concepts in artificial intelligence and creativity studies and their application in creative work
    • Experience using AI applications in art and design work 
    • The ability to identify the opportunities, limitations, and ethical considerations involved in applying AI to creative work and organizations
    • The ability to apply AI methods in strategic scenarios in the creative industries 
    • Best practices for creating learning environments in which team members can constructively engage with AI techniques and tools 
    • Techniques for communicating the creative and business value of AI and evaluating the effectiveness of AI in creative industries 
    • The ability to navigate the evolving technological, ethical, and legal landscape 
    • Knowledge of methods for assessing and communicating the business value of your creative works

    How You’ll Learn

    • Engaging video lectures and interviews with industry experts
    • Direct interaction with faculty practitioners at the top of their fields
    • Online collaboration and video conferencing
    • Project-based learning focused on developing real-world skills
  • Why The New School?

    The professional landscape as we’ve known it has changed dramatically, and ongoing learning is more important now than ever before. At The New School, we champion every student’s creativity and growth. By combining integrated disciplines with collaborative problem solving, we deliver an immersive, transformative learning experience. With the leadership of Parsons School of Design—a globally top-ranked design school—our faculty imparts the critical expertise students need to advance their careers or pivot to a new one in a constantly evolving world.

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