• The New School’s contract with Mural will end on October 31, 2024. This means the New School users will no longer have access to Mural past this date, so all boards must be migrated to Miro or downloaded to a non-New School Mural account by this date.

    The university is significantly improving its digital toolkit. In our ongoing effort to support dynamic teaching and online pedagogy, the university will transition from Mural to Miro over the next several months.

    While we understand this transition will come with challenges, the Online Learning team is working closely with the Faculty Center for Innovation, Collaboration, and Support to host optional workshops in late spring and throughout the summer. These workshops will include topics such as “How to Move Existing Mural Boards to Miro” and “How to Incorporate Miro-Hosted Whiteboards Into Your Course.”

    Through these sessions, we hope to support our existing Mural users throughout the transition process while also inviting non-users to learn about how collaborative digital whiteboard software can enhance their teaching.

    For comprehensive information around timing, training, and access, stay tuned for our transition guide here, or read on to learn more about Miro.

    Key benefits of Miro include:

    • Enhanced collaboration that allows real-time co-editing and communication features enables more effective teamwork among students and faculty.
    • Greater flexibility with a vast library of pre-built templates and custom creation tools that cater to diverse academic and research needs.
    • Advanced integration with our existing suite of educational tools, including Canvas, Zoom, and Google Workspace.

    Upcoming Action Items for Faculty

    • Register and Attend Miro Training
      Enhance your familiarity with Miro by attending one of our training sessions. More details on training sessions will be coming soon.
    • Sign Up for Board Migration
      If you are interested in having your Mural boards migrated to Miro automatically, you must fill out a Google Form.
    • Transition Your Content
      Begin transferring your materials from Mural to Miro. Training sessions and support materials will provide guidance on this process.
    • Export Mural Content
      Ensure you export any necessary content from Mural before the October 31, 2024 deadline.

    Support and Resources

    We understand that transitioning to a new tool can be challenging. To support you, the Online Learning and Miro teams will be providing:

    • Comprehensive Training: To facilitate your transition to Miro, hands-on workshops, webinars, and one-on-one sessions will be available.
    • Dedicated Support Team: Miro has given us a dedicated support team ready to assist with technical or procedural questions.
    • Resource Materials: Our website will provide access to guides, FAQs, and video tutorials tailored to the needs of the New School faculty.

    Looking Ahead

    We are confident that this transition will enrich our academic environment and offer new opportunities for creative and collaborative engagement. We thank you for your attention to this important transition and continued commitment to excellence in education at the New School. Your proactive participation in this process is crucial to its success. Please stay tuned for further updates and resources to assist you through this change.

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