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    "Sarah Weaver, Ph.D. is a New York-based contemporary composer, conductor, technologist, educator, and researcher working internationally as a specialist in Network Arts. Network Arts utilizes the internet as an artistic medium and is also conceived as a metaphor for localized works. Weaver is Director of the Sarah Weaver Ensemble, NowNet Arts Ensembles, and NowNet Arts Inc. including the NowNet Arts Festival and NowNet Arts Conference. In her research work Weaver is Editor of the Journal of Network Music and Arts (JONMA). She has been an innovator for fourteen years utilizing specialized network audio and video technology for low-latency, multichannel, performance-quality experience. Weaver has worked closely in this medium with Mark Dresser, Chris Chafe, early works with Pauline Oliveros, and many collaborators. Recent projects include “Requiem: Interconnection (2020)” and “Transformation State (2020)” for international artists performing from home locations, “Universal Synchrony Music (2013-2019)” collaboration with NASA Kepler/K2 Mission, “Interconnections for Peace: A Telematic Concert in Seoul, San Diego, and New York City (2018)”, and “ResoNations: International Concerts for Peace (2009-2015)” at international sites in San Diego, Banff, Belfast, South Korea, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, and at local sites in New York including Iridium Jazz Club, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and the United Nations Headquarters.

    Weaver has composed large ensemble pieces and solo/chamber works for twenty-five years, integrating influences of jazz, contemporary classical, improvisation, computer music, world music, and individual music languages of performers. Most recently she has written for musicians including Ray Anderson, Jane Ira Bloom, Samir Chatterjee, Yoon Sun Choi, Robert Dick, Mark Dresser, Julie Ferrara, Gerry Hemingway, Oliver Lake, Denman Maroney, Joe McPhee, Stephan Moore, Ned Rothenberg, Satoshi Takeishi, David Taylor, Doug Van Nort, Min Xiao-Fen, and James Zollar. Her works have been performed at many venues throughout New York including DiMenna Center for Classical Music, Roulette, The Stone, Symphony Space, The Cell, Austrian Cultural Forum, Iridium Jazz Club, Emily Harvey Foundation, and Experimental Intermedia.

    Recordings and publications involving Weaver’s works are “Synchrony: Music of Sarah Weaver and Collaborations” recording for SyncSource Label and research paper for Journal of Network Music and Arts, “Reality Axis” solo works for Gerry Hemingway (SyncSource Label), “Source” with the SLM Ensemble (SyncSource Label), “Universal Synchrony Music, Volume 1” in the DVD “Virtual Tour: A Reduced-Carbon Footprint Concert Series” (pfMENTUM Label), “Deep Tones for Peace” (Kadima Label), United Nations Compendium Music as a Global Resource: Solutions for Social and Economic Issues, Leonardo Music Journal, International Society for Improvised Music, International Association of Schools of Jazz, and MusicWorks. She is a member of ASCAP, College Music Society, National Association of Composers, and board member of the JackTrip Foundation."

    Past Courses

    Cross-CoPA Grad Making Lab
    COPA 5555, Fall 2023

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