• Maintaining Your F-1 Status

    To maintain your F-1 status, you must

    • Enroll as a full-time student every semester (see below for full-time enrollment requirements)
    • Check in with ISSS at the beginning of every semester and within ten days of returning from travel abroad
    • Make sure ISSS always has photocopies of your current passport (must be valid within six months at all times) and visa and an electronic copy of your I-94 admission record
    • Notify ISSS within ten days if you move or change your address or contact information by updating it through my.newschool.edu
    • Obtain authorization for any off-campus employment before you start working
    • Read all ISSS communication sent to your New School email account
    • Ensure that all the information on your I-20 is correct and submit requests for changes in program completion date before the I-20 expiration date and changes in major and education level before the start of the next semester
    • Inform ISSS if you take a leave of absence
    • Obtain valid travel signatures from ISSS every academic year (spring and fall)
    • Notify ISSS of any accompanying dependents
    • Obey all U.S. laws
    • File taxes each spring during your stay in the United States
    • Complete the official transfer process if you intend to transfer to another school
    • Leave the United States, apply for OPT, or change to a different immigration status by the end of your 60-day grace period after you complete your studies

    Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

    • Undergraduate: 12 credits
    • Graduate at Parsons: 9 credits (Note: Some graduate programs at Parsons require 12 credits per semester; make sure to check with your academic advisor for your program's requirements.)
    • Graduate at Mannes: 9 credits (including Professional Studies Diploma)
    • All other New School graduate programs: 9 credits
    • Film Production Certificate: 3 courses
    • Documentary Media Certificate: 9 credits
    • ESL: 4 courses per semester or 18 hours of class weekly

    You must have official permission from an ISSS advisor to

    • Drop below a full-time course load
    • Withdraw from your program of study
    • Take a leave of absence
    • Work off campus (internship or practical training)
    • Extend your program of study

    Most Common Immigration Violations

    Any of the following will cause internationals to be in violation of their non-immigrant status. Exercise great care to ensure that none of these happen to you.

    • Enrolling less than full-time
    • Working without authorization
    • Allowing I-20 to become outdated
    • Allowing a passport to become outdated
    • Changing your program without updating your I-20

    It is your responsibility to know the rules that affect your status. Please contact ISSS if you need more information. You may also need to contact the institution that helped you attain your status. The U.S. government will hold you accountable for knowing the rules, understanding them, and following them. ISSS can help by making the information available to you through this website and through publications, but only you can educate yourself about the regulations and seek advice as needed. Help us to help you. If at any time you are unsure about the rules, ask questions and keep asking until you understand your rights and responsibilities. ISSS is here to help.