• Building Operations

    Regardless of a building’s design, continued sustainable operation hinges on thoughtful maintenance, scheduling, and other procedures. Energy audits underway will help us identify further operational opportunities, including upgrades to building management system (BMS) controls, scheduling, and general maintenance that can save energy, optimize building performance, and improve comfort.

    Facility Staff Energy Efficiency Training

    Nearly 100 staff members maintain our building systems; their knowledge and initiative are critical. A number of building superintendents and staff members were part of the 32BJ Green Supers program, and engineers recently completed operations and maintenance training focused on energy efficiency through the U.S. Green Building Council. In 2017, nearly 20 staff members are working to complete Urban Green’s GPRO electrical and mechanical courses. These investments in education engage and inspire staff to remain on the cutting edge of building sustainability.

    Continuous Optimization

    Our campus is an ever-changing environment, and building systems must similarly adapt. Continuous optimization is a process that applies to all buildings and systems, new and old; it includes equipment commissioning, issue logging and tracking, analysis of building systems such as ice storage and cogeneration in the University Center, and energy audits in compliance with NYC’s Local Law 87.

    Control Upgrades

    The ability to effectively control building equipment operation is central to reducing energy consumption. The objective of most building systems is to provide a comfortable working environment while using energy as efficiently possible. Over the coming years, our sustainability program will involve a detailed survey of current building management system capabilities and opportunities for continuous improvement and upgrades.