• The Office for Environmental Health and Safety

    The Office for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), in the Facilities Management Department, provides services and manages programs that promote safety and environmental responsibility. We are committed to

    • Protecting health by preventing injuries and illnesses
    • Promoting environmental stewardship by minimizing waste and properly managing air, water, and ground contaminants
    • Reducing institutional risk by managing university compliance with occupational and environmental rules and regulations

    Services and Programs

    EHS is prepared to meet the needs of The New School community by collaborating with departments and individuals to address concerns. Services provided by EHS include indoor air quality surveys, incident investigations, hazard assessments, training and technical support, and management of regulated waste streams (such as batteries, mercury-containing lamps, and hazardous chemical waste). Call 212.229.5456 for assistance.

    What you can do

    Everyone can contribute to a safe, healthful workplace and learning environment.  You can help by 

    • Promoting awareness of and compliance with EHS programs and policies
    • Reporting your health and safety concerns promptly to your supervisor