Working Papers

  • In the course of its history, the Department of Economics at The New School for Social Research has taken a broad and critical approach to the field, giving voice to classical political economy, neoclassical economics, and Keynesian economics.

    In accordance with this tradition, the Economics Department Working Papers series presents the most recent research by NSSR scholars to promote academic debate and to shape the evolution of the economics profession.

    The Economics Department Working Papers series can be found on RePEc here

    For more information about the Economics Department Working Papers series, please see the submission guidelines on this site, or contact Professor Mark Setterfield.

  • Publication Year 2016

    Publication Year 2015

    Publication Year 2014

    Rahul Lahoti, Arjun Jayadev, Sanjay G. Reddy
    The Global Consumption and Income Project (GCIP): An Introduction and Preliminary Findings
    NSSR Working Paper 02/2014

    Matthieu Charpe, Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, Christian R. Proaño
    Business Confidence and Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Nonlinear Two-Country Framework with Aggregate Opinion Dynamics
    NSSR Working Paper 01/2014

    Publication Year 2013

    Matthieu Charpe, Peter Flaschel, Hans-Martin Krolzig, Christian R. Proaño, Willi Semmler, Daniele Tavani
    Credit-Driven Investment, Heterogeneous Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Dynamics
    NSSR Working Paper 01/2013

    Isis Gaddis, Stephan Klasen
    Economic Development, Structural Change and Women's Labor Force Participation. A Reexamination
    NSSR Working Paper 02/2013

    Markus P. A. Schneider
    Race & Gender Differences in the Experience of Earnings Inequality in the US from 1995 to 2010
    NSSR Working Paper 03/2013

    Christian Proaño, Christian Schoder, and Willi Semmler
    Financial Stress, Sovereign Debt and Economic Activity in Industrialized Countries: Evidence from Nonlinear Dynamic Panels
    NSSR Working Paper 04/2013

    Rex A. McKenzie
    Financialization and Labor: What Does Marikana Tell Us About Inequality in South Africa?
    NSSR Working Paper 05/2013

    Christian Schoder
    Effective Demand, Exogenous Normal Utilization and Endogenous Capacity in the Long Run. Evidence from a CVAR Analysis for the U.S.
    NSSR Working Paper 06/2013

    Miriam Rehm and Ali Asjad Naqvi
    Migration Feedback Effects in Networks. An Agent-Based Model
    NSSR Workshop Paper 07/2013

    Publication Year 2012

    Christian Schoder
    Hysteresis in the Kaleckian growth model: a Bayesian analysis for the US manufacturing sector from 1984 to 2007
    NSSR Working Paper 01/2012

    Rudiger von Arnim, Daniele Tavani, Laura Barbosa de Carvalho
    Globalization as coordination failure: A Keynesian perspective
    NSSR Working Paper 02/2012

    Laura Barbosa de Carvalho
    Current Account Imbalances and Economic Growth: a two-country model with real-financial linkages
    NSSR Working Paper 03/2012

    David Stubbs
    Adopting a Currency Transaction Tax When Avoidance is a Possibility: Which Currencies Would Take the Lead and What Rate Could They Charge?
    NSSR Working Paper 04/2012

    Christian Proaño, Thomas Theobald
    Predicting German Recessions with a Composite Real-Time Dynamic Probit Indicator
    NSSR Working Paper 05/2012

    Anwar Shaikh
    Rethinking Microeconomics: A Proposed Reconstruction
    NSSR Working Paper 06/2012

    Daniele Tavani, Ramaa Vasudevan
    Capitalists, Workers and Managers: Wage Inequality and Effective Demand
    NSSR Working Paper 07/2012

    Ali Asjad Naqvi, Miriam Rehm
    SHELscape: A Multi-agent Policy Toolkit
    NSSR Working Paper 08/2012

    Publication Year 2011

    Lance Taylor
    Growth, Cycles, Asset Prices, and Finance
    NSSR Working Paper 01/2011

    Christian Proaño
    Monetary Policy Rules and Macroeconomic Stabilization in Small Open Economies under Behavioral FX Trading: Insights from Numerical Simulations
    NSSR Working Paper 02/2011

    Daniele Tavani
    Bargaining Over Productivity and Wages
    NSSR Working Paper 03/2011

    Tarron Khemraj, Christian Proaño
    Excess Bank Reserves and Monetary Policy with a Lower-Bound Lending Rate
    Working Paper 04/2011

    Michalis Nikiforos, Duncan Foley
    Distribution and Capacity Utilization: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Evidence
    Working Paper 05/2011

    Peter Spiegler, William Milberg
    2011? Historical Perspective on the Contemporary Debate Over How to Reform Economics
    NSSR Working Paper 06/2011

    Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, Florian Hartmann, Christian Proaño
    Stock Market Booms, Endogenous Credit Creation and the Implications of Broad and Narrow Banking for Macroeconomic Stability
    NSSR Working Paper 07/2011

    Jonathan Cogliano
    Smith's "Perfect Liberty" and Marx's Equalized Rate of Surplus-Value
    NSSR Working Paper 08/2011

    Xiao Jiang
    Trade Expansion and Employment Generation: How Mercantilist Does China Have to Be?
    NSSR Working Paper 09/2011

    Armon Rezai
    Goodwin Cycles, Distributional Conflict, and Productivity Growth
    NSSR Working Paper 10/2011

    Armon Rezai
    The Political Economy Implications of General Equilibrium Analysis in Open Economy Macro Models
    NSSR Working Paper
    11/2011 (PDF)

    Christian Proaño
    Gradual Wage-Price Adjustments, Labor Market Frictions and Monetary Policy Rules
    NSSR Working Paper 12/2011

    Deborah Winkler, William Milberg
    Classical and Neoclassical Theories of Offshore Outsourcing
    NSSR Working Paper 13/2011

    Christian Proaño
    Should Monetary Policy Take Account of National Labor Market Asymmetries in a Currency Union?
    NSSR Working Paper 14/2011

    Roberto Lampa
    A "Walrasian Post-Keynesian" Model? Resolving the Paradox of Oskar Lange's 1938 Theory of Interest
    NSSR Working Paper 15/2011

    Michalis Nikiforos
    On the Desired Rate of Capacity Utilization
    NSSR Working Paper 16/2011