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    The New School for Social Research provides an education grounded in history and informed by a legacy of critical thought and civic engagement. The school’s dedication to academic freedom and intellectual inquiry reaches back to the university’s founding in 1919 as a home for progressive thinkers and the creation of the University in Exile in 1933 for scholars persecuted in Nazi Europe. The interdisciplinary education offered by The New School for Social Research today explores and promotes global peace and justice as more than theoretical ideals. 

    A global hub in New York City.

    Our university is a second home for students from a vast diversity of geographical, cultural, economic, and political backgrounds. The New School for Social Research, alone, enrolls more than 1,000 students from all regions of the United States and from more than 70 countries. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for students and faculty to deepen and broaden their understanding and knowledge of ideas and areas of intellectual inquiry.  New York City, one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, serves as a social laboratory to this dynamic global community. Students can take advantage of the city's international resources as they pursue their goals and develop the creative courage to make a difference.

    Office of the Dean

    William Milberg
    212.229.5777 x3038

    Robert Kostrzewa
    Vice Dean
    212.229.5712 x3003

    Desiree Lavecchia 
    Executive Assistant to the Dean
    212.229.5777 x3038

    Ellen Freeberg
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Curriculum
    212.229.5777 x3000

    AJ Aronstein
    Director of Communication and New Initiatives
    212.229.5777 x3019

    Seth Cohen 
    Director of Operations
    212.229.5777 x3395

    Kiril Glavev
    Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs
    212.229.5777 x3039 

    Joseph Warren
    Operations Manager
    212.229.5777 x3228

    Aleanna Sonnylal
    Executive Secretary
    212.229.5777 x3146